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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    Did the Jazz tonight....usually stay for most of the game but work wore me out today.

    Got the following on cards:

    Ron Boone (a great TTM guy but always fun to add to the 72-73 set in person)
    Enes Kanter
    DeMarre Carroll
    Jeff Hornacek
    Al Jefferson
    Sidney Lowe
    Mike Sanders
    Hakim Warrick (slipped through visitor tunnel)

    My friend also gave me some other cards for my Hoops set of guys I didn't see:

    Ty Corbin
    Gordon Hayward
    Alec Burks
    Jamaal Tinsley

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    I missed him getting Sidney Lowe...which was goofy but Sidney was taking awhile and I didn't want to pull the book back on him lol

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    Oh dam. Would you be up for trading the Hayward for a Milsap? I got him on a new hoops you could use for your set if you are interested. Lmk

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    Hey it was nice to meetup in person with you yesterday. Was going through my stuff again here today and I might have an extra Derrick Favors signed card if you need it for your hoops set.

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    Yeah I missed out on him as well, that would be great.

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    So I'm going to the Cavs v Bobcats. I know you graph the Cats alot...any advice?

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    I don't know too much about graphing them on the road, but from what I've seen on the road, they are relatively easy. Kemba will probably sign 2 per, MKG usually signs on road (unless anything has changed), Sessions signs a ton, pretty much everyone should sign. Brian Winters has some cards from the mid-late 70s with the Bucks so you might look through those as well if you have any.

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    Yeah I got everybody but MKG was injured...and Brendan Haywood ran through which stinks due to I have an 8x10 with him, Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon. The other two signed it and I only need his now.

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