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Thread: Deadshot's 2012-13 NBA IP

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    He likes to run through last minute. I might be able to get it done for you at some chance if you like.

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    Yeah I tried to send you a PM, it said your box was full though...lmk what we can work out via PM

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    Yeah, sorry about that, cleared up some space now.

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    Haven't posted my results here in a long time but this was my last game of the season:

    Thought my season was done but the Pacers drew the Hawks in the first round so I made the 4hr drive today to watch the game (unfortunately). Did some autographs in the arena as well. Got the following on cards:

    Danny Ferry (seemed like he didn't want to be recognized but I was first row by the tunnel and he stood down by me almost all game, he kindly signed for me during a timeout)
    DJ Augustin
    David West (signed for me and no one else because I was in Pacers gear)
    Jeff Pendergraph
    Miles Plumlee
    Clark Kellogg (brought an 86 Fleer along just in case he traveled)
    Roy Hibbert (same as West, only signed for me in my Pacers gear)

    There were a couple more I could've got but this is the third city I've seen the Pacers in this year so I'm more than cleaned out of the good signers.

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    Any chance you will be going to the game this Friday? My family and I are goin to Alabama this weekend and may stop by for the game Friday

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    Wish I could but I have to work Friday night. Good luck if you go. You might get your Hibbert signed for your set if you can stomach wearing a Pacers shirt haha

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    Was actually gonna try for the hawks and maybe horford. Do you know if you have to have a 100 level ticket to go for autographs or is having a upper level ticket okay?

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    They didn't ask me where my seat was but I can't confirm that an upper level would work either. My section was right by the tunnel so I knew I was safe either way.

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    Horford will usually sign in a Black Sharpie that is handed to him by a security officer, ,he signs almost every game. There are discounted seats available.

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    Horford walked by me, was coming to me, and the Hawks security guard came running up with his black marker and he decided not to sign at all then.

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