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    Another TTM noob question - Baseball TTM to team addy during off season?

    Hey all here is another question directed to all the experienced TTMers out there, so I wanna send a TTM to one of my favorite pitcher Max Scherzer, and the most accurate address on the database here is the c/o Detroit Tigers address. Now I don't want to send this out during the postseason since I'm sure he has bigger things on his mind however what happens to all mail sent to the team address during the off season? Do they get forwarded to the players homes? Or am I better off waiting till next season?

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    Send it during the post season. The player will still get the mail and usually if the player is a good signer, he will take his mail home with him during the off-season or if the Tigers keep going maybe he will sign during his free time.

    I just sent two to the Rangers about a week ago. Josh Hamilton and Koji Uehara (this was before the Rangers got bounced out of the division lead).

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    Does anyone else know if teams forward fan letters (TTM's) during the offseason?

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    Usually they don't just hold off until spring training

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    I wouldn't send to ballplayers in the offseason. Ballplayers retire, get traded, released, leave for free agency all the time.
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