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    Really need money-make offers on my autos

    I really need money for cards on ebay. Check my website and let me know what you like and give me your offer.

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    My offer still stands at $15 for the henrys
    also if you had any patrick crayton rcs from 04 I would be interestead

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    Also check my auctions on ebay. username is vintageone. Here is a link to one of them:
    you can get to my other auctions from this one

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    how much for the manning? Also you had some johnsons on ebay, whats the best you would do on those 3. I know the opening bid is like 16.00, but what would be you botton line sell it right now price? thanks

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    I paid $82 for the Manning and wouldn't want anything less. I could give you the Chads a buy it now for $25. They have a total book value of $63.

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    Anyone else???? I have some nice cards on ebay, check them out. One Vick auto is on ebay already 2 are still available for trade. Let me know

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