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    2012 SCF Survivor Segment 7, Race 2: Kansas

    2012 SCF Survivor Segment 7, Race 1: Charlotte

    Here are the basic rules:
    1. Pick a driver that you think will finish in the top 10.
    2. You may pick the same driver only ONCE per segment. So choose carefully. If you use the same driver twice, you are eliminated.
    3. If the driver you pick finishes outside the top 10, you are eliminated.
    4. The top five finishers receive points toward the season championship. Five points for first, four points for second, and so on.
    5. The people who 'survive' this week will advance to the next race. Those eliminated will have to wait for the next segment to start in order to play again.

    Segment Prize:

    2012 FanFare Young Guns Autographs YGDW Darrell Wallace Jr. Autograph (337/399)

    Overall Prize:

    2011 Press Pass Wheels Main Event Box

    Picks MUST be posted to this thread (do not PM me your pick) before the drop of the green flag.

    Eligible Participants This Week:

    race crazy - Denny Hamlin (used: 5)
    nadeau01_johnson48 - Denny Hamlin (used: 48)
    gladdyontherise - Brad Keselowski (used: 48)
    toddsr - Brad Keselowski (used: 48)
    Leafsfan1967 - Martin Truex Jr.
    (used: 48)
    jonsportscardz - (used: 48)
    MattDMC - Kasey Kahne (used: 16)
    rocksaysits420 -
    Jimmie Johnson (used: 18)
    happyharvick29 - Kasey Kahne (used: 48)
    tk10775 -
    Kasey Kahne (used: 48)
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    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    RTC Champ "15" & CUP Champ "16"

    I Do BV For BV Only Don't care SV Sorry

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    Crap I missed out, picked kahne but posted in wrong thread last week.

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    Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else

    - Vince Lombardi

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    kasey kahne
    wanted 2004 triple hat cards of kenseth, labonte & stewart or multi color patches of other drivers.

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