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    Years worth of pick ups, Raymond/Schneider

    Hello again,

    I haven't done a PC mail post in a year. Well besides the thread i made yesterday about the 2 MTO's i got in. In case you missed them i will post them here again. lol

    Thanks again to everyone i was able to work deals out with and to those who hooked me up with freebies.

    Mason Raymond seems to have hit the wall card wise. Each year his cards have dropped a bunch. All i expect from him this year is OPC, Score, and maybe series 1. not that im complaining gives me more money for cory schneider cards. Speaking of Schneid's... boy are a bunch of guys chasing his stuff now. Guess thats what happens when you prove you have what it takes.

    Ok lets start off with the Raymond pick ups

    some 10/11 release year cards

    My 4th 10/11 HG

    10/11 UD French magenta plate 1/1 (43rd plate, and 51st 1/1 for my PC)

    10/11 Pinnacle City Lights auto #/100

    10/11 Pinnacle Threads Prime #/25

    10/11 Luxury Suite dual jersey #/10 w/ Kesler

    10/11 Luxury Suite dual Prime jersey #/10 w/ Kesler

    11/12 releases
    Team issue postcard

    Panini sticker book

    11/12 series 2 exclusives #/100

    11/12 series 2 exclusives #/10

    11/12 OPC base

    11/12 OPC black

    11/12 OPC rainbow

    11/12 OPC retro

    11/12 OPC blank back (have 2)

    11/12 Score base

    11/12 Score glossy

    11/12 Score gold

    11/12 Score black

    11/12 Limited base

    11/12 Limited red

    11/12 Limited Gold

    11/12 Limited jersey #10

    11/12 Limited jersey prime #/25

    11/12 Titanium Hat Tricks jersey w/ Henrik Sedin and Hanson

    11/12 Titanium Hat Tricks jersey prime w/ Henrik Sedin and Hanson

    11/12 Titanium Road Sweater Jersey

    11/12 Titanium Road Sweater Prime

    11/12 Titanium Road Sweater Patch

    12/13 OPC rainbow

    12/13 OPC black

    12/13 OPC red

    Schneider time

    07/08 ITG future stars

    08/09 Cup dual honorable numbers #/35 w/ Giguere

    09/10 UD Black Game night ticket

    10/11 Heroes and prospects

    10/11 BTP

    spring expo 1/1

    Masked Men Emerald redemption

    10/11 certified



    Fabric of the game

    10/11 Pinnacle

    11/12 Canucks team issue

    12 spring expo priority signings

    11/12 Panini private signings jumbo 8X10

    11/12 rookie anthology

    11/12 Score



    11/12 OPC




    11/12 Black diamond

    11/12 Elite

    11/12 SPA

    11/12 UD series 1

    11/12 series 2 exclusives #/100

    11/12 series 2 exclusives #/10

    11/12 Limited

    11/12 contenders

    11/12 certified


    Fabric of the game

    11/12 BTP

    11/12 btp expo redemptions

    11/12 btp cross country tour Beyond the pond

    11/12 btp summit expo

    11/12 BTP He Shoots He Scores redemption w/ Luongo

    11/12 BTP Shooting Gallery Gold 1/1 W/ Brodeur, McLean, Potvin, Cloutier, and Luongo

    11/12 Prime prime colors horizontal #/19

    11/12 Prime prime colors vertical #/4

    and heres the 2 MTO's 1 more time

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my pickups

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    Hidden Content Raymond PC stats 203/210 base and parallel, 9/16 non plate 1/1's, 43/68 plate 1/1's
    Mason Raymond #1 most want 07/08 OPCP Black 1/1

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    Awesome Canucks pick ups
    Collecting Phil Kessel, Anna Kournikova & Danica Patrick cards! Trading for my PC only. Got Kessel let me know
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    I think you had a pretty good year there eh? Looooooove all them Schneids, I think I might have three of them hahahahaaa! And that Shooting Gallery is to DIE for, awesome props to ITG for respecting Canucks fans :)
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Just saying this again just freakin' love the fab Shooting Gaqllery 1/1!
    The truth is that I was really considering to bid on the card at ebay just because it's so gorgeous even if I don't collects any of those 6 goalies!

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