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Thread: SMALL bucket FT

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    SMALL bucket FT

    Jim Brown Auto NFT!!!

    Lmk what you like, I'll do the same. Thanks for the look!

    I also have a Torrey Smith Auto/299 from R&S.
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    Like the RG3 GU. CMB and is it #ed? Lmk thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DilonB View Post
    Like the RG3 GU. CMB and is it #ed? Lmk thanks!
    It is numbered 2/49. The only thing I can use tho is the Kendell Hunter Auto, but I'm sure you wouldn't do that so thanks for the look Dilon.

    Castleness I shot you a PM.

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    cmb tell me if there is anything you need. I like the Allen auto, and the Reed auto, also the Aikman score rc.
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    i can use the reed auto and flutie jersey
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    hope we can make some trades

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    Sorry everyone but I didn't see anything I could use at this time. Thanks for the look.

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    Lmk if I have something for the Tannehill Momentum RC.

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