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    Random question about 1995-96 Rookie Cards

    Thanks for the look, I hope someone has some insight to this question.

    Q - Why aren't 1995-96 Parkhurst International Rookie Cards such as #264 Todd Bertuzzi or #267 Shane Doan listed by Beckett as true Rookie Cards?


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    I believe the reason that none of the cards are considered Rookie cards even thou they were from the same year as there rookie is because that 95-96 Parkhurst International was distributed in Europe & was not offered in North America or else where by Dr. Price. yup the same guy that runs the show at ITG. I think it had to do with a Upper Deck breaching a deal with Dr. Price with naming rights to Parkhurst but I am not 100% sure about that. Usually if a product is not available to North America & or made available to the main stream collector it does not get a rookie designation. Also it does not get a rookie tag if its not a licensed product which I am not sure Parkhurst International was.
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    The set is licensed, so it must have to do with the distribution. Thanks for the insight.

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    These RC's are considered XRC's by Beckett. I consider them real rookies inspight of what the dolts at Beckett say. They trade and sell as real rookies, that's all I know.

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    Not sure about any deals between Dr. Price and UD (and what impact that had) but I do believe that Parkhurst was a name that he (Dr. Price) had bought, tried to bring back, and at the time was licensing it to Upper Deck.

    Anyway, as other have already alluded to, the issue here is distribution. Those cards were made for the European market (though a lot of the product found its way to North American shelves) and much like the 1991-92 Upper Deck Czech World Juniors set... were never considered RCs.
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