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    What would I do if I wanted the cheapest rookie cards possible?

    I collect for PC so I don't really care about the resale value of a rookie card (though it would be cool if some player had a breakthrough and it went up lol). But I mainly just want ones that are cheap, mass produced, and show some jnr stats on the back.

    Does anyone know the best way to proceed with this (other than ordering like 20 individual cards from COMC based on lowest price). I know that UD used to make a choice rookie set or something which filled that void but they don't do that anymore.

    Mainly just want ones for somewhat notable rookies, not the career AHLers or the guys who're unlikely to play more than a dozen NHL games.

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    If you are looking for the cheapest I'd go with Victory, OPC, Score, Ultra, and MVP. I have lots of those available as well. Not sure if they show junior stats though. All are cheap and mass produced. I can get a list of the somewhat notable rookies I have from those sets for you if you are interested.

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    OPC or Score will be your best bet for current years, as Mats said, Ultra or MVP or Victory in past years (No Victory for 12/13 onwards) and you can toss in the occasional $1 Young Gun if you feel like it.

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