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    REALLY????!!! RG III finest base rookies not even getting $1 on ebay....

    Seriously please tell me the point of spending any money on cards when rookies of top rookies from top end products don't even sale....

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    They do sell... Here is one that recently sold...

    If you are trying to sell them and have low feedback, people likely will not risk bid on you. Majority of price for any of these things goes up within the last 30 minutes of an auction anyway. If you specifically want something on ebay, you're better of to post it as a buy it now rather than auction. Many times you will just be let down..

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    it also depends on what price you have for shipping. Most factor that in as well. If the auction isn't over then it may not have been on long enough. Many people don't bid on them till they are under 12 hours cause he has so many pages of stuff listed.

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