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    My half of a case of Forever Rivals. The GOOD half hahahahaaaaaa!!!!

    Madames et monsieurs, I am home from my little trip to Wiser's World of Collectibles in beautiful downtown Port Kells B.C., with my half of a case break of ITG Forever Rivals, the Montreal Canadiens half. My new friend Nathan, he of the devotion to Mats Sundin and them others took the other half.

    Wow. Pretty much sums it up. I feel like I just went 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. Or 15 minutes with Mila Kunis, if you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge eh? Eh??? If you like ITG's design, and I do, then these cards are beautiful And they are.
    The collation was pretty much 50/50, Nate walked away with 16 base cards and 16 autos to my 14 of each, and he got FOUR golds to my one, but I'm not complaining, I got my money's worth :)

    To the show!!!

    Base & inserts..........

    Playoff Matchups inserts

    Net Rivals inserts. Ken Dryden not included is a crime against humanity, but what can you do? This isn't Kanada, no one can force him to be a part of anything...........

    Rivalry inserts.

    AUTOGRAPHS!!! NO problems vis a vis the quality of the ink on the card. The players were a little mixed bag for me tho, I like the older guys better...........


    I don't know the odds of any of the pulls so I don't know if I got anything amazingggggg or not but..............

    And finallyyyyyyyyyyyy, this IS amazing. To me at least

    That's it!!! Nathan pulled some Leafs cards I think.
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    I would say that went tremendously well for you my friend! You got some incredible cards - lots of that Carey guy and some fantastic autographs. Too bad that the quad jersey was commemorating the Leafs' last Cup win, but hey you can't go wrong with a Beliveau memorabilia card. I'm so excited for my 3 packs of this stuff!
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    The Lafleur Patch is sick you know some people would kill for a patch like this one!!! I might be one of them. LOL
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    Thanks guys!! Richard, if this stuff doesn't get you fired up again, you should sell everything and run across the country a la Forrest Gump. And the Lafleur patch? Out of my coldddd deaddd hands sir!!.

    I think I've decided to complete the base set, Immortals, Greatest Moments & Net Rivals. After that who knows. Autos or jerseys maybe? I'm not too keen on the BTP stuff or the quad jersey I pulled. I only took the quad because Nate grabbed the other one: Sundin, Gilmour, Muller and someone else I think. I like Price enough, but Halak is a Blue and Reimer & Gustavsson??? Please...........

    Nathan also got the Patrick Roy / Felix Potvin & Patrick Roy / Allan Bester dual jerseys, I got to grab an extra insert set instead. Since he was decent enough to let me pick the Beliveau / Sawchuk / Vachon / Keon and all.........
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    Sounds like you both did very well! Congrats! Nice show ;)

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    Wow Ed, you and Nathan really know how to rub it in. Great breaks, both of you! I'm jealous now, I almost wish I opted for Forever Rivals over History of Hockey.

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    Definitely had an amazing time busting this product! Wish I was rich as I'd bust probably 5 cases of this product if I could afford to. Alas splitting 1 case will have to do. I posted my half in the box break section of the hockey forum.

    The Quad Jersey I got was Sundin/Gartner/Koivu/Recchi Silver /85.

    The Lafleur Game Used Patch Red is /6. That is the lowest print run hit we got in the case. I got a couple of Game Used Jersey Gold Cards /10 (CuJo and Domi). Also got a Leetch Auto/Jersey /10. Plus I got 4 Dual Jerseys all silver versions including the Roy/Potvin.

    I also got a SP auto of Mike Palemeeter. Not sure if any of the Habs autos were SP.

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    Nice stuff. Really did well. By the way I would give Mila Kunis the best 30 seconds of her life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivertoxxin View Post
    Nice stuff. Really did well. By the way I would give Mila Kunis the best 30 seconds of her life.
    Lol. More like the other way around!

    The break was really good but no stick rack or cut or dual or 1/1. Best hit is /6 with are few more cards /10.

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