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    looking for Michael Clayton rookie

    I am looking for a michael clayton rookie card ( be cool if you have one in his lsu uni but a bucs uni is ok too ) the one at the card store is like 25 bucks cause i think it is autoed too but i just want a regular rookie :new_rainb

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    I have a 04 Ultra RC of his in LSU uni it is a gold medallion.

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    I have a 2004 Donruss Classics Clayton RC, #441/500. He's pictured in his LSU uni. I believe book is $15. I'd be more than happy to trade it to you if you have anything I need.

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    joker813 how much would you want for that michael clayton golden medallion i am mainly just looking for a regular rookie i don't want to pay more than 5 bucks for a rookie of him since i am seeking so many cards at this time

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    We could work out a trade if you want. If not I would do it for $4 DLVD if you use PayPal.

    If youre interested in a trade, I collect anything of M Faulk GU'ed or anything from his rookie year 1994. Insert or rookie it doesnt matter...unless I already have it.

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    well i don't have paypal and i have just a few base cards of marshall so i guess i will see what other people have of micheal

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    OK, would you be willing to do 4 cash and send a SASE?

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    if you don't work anything out, i have some as well.

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