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Thread: Autographs FT

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    Autographs FT

    I have finally finished putting my autographs in alphabetical order and are offering them for trade. I collect TTM/IP autographs of Nationals, Royals, Reds, Rays, Indians and Twins

    Autographs FT

    Adams, Glenn 1981 Topps Twins
    Aguila, Chris 2006 Upper Deck Marlins
    Baisley, Jeff 2007Bowman Chrome Athletics
    Balester, Colin 2008Bowman Chrome Nationals
    Bazardo, Yorman 2005Topps Marlins
    Bergmann, Jason 2010Upper Deck Nationals
    Biddle, Rocky 2000Fleer Update White Sox
    Boswell, Ken 1976 Topps Astros
    Cannizaro, Andy 2007 Fleer Yankees
    Cardenas, Adrian 2008 Bowman Heritage Phillies
    Cardenas, Adrian 2008 Tri Star Lakewood Blue Claws
    Carrasco, Carlos 2006 SAL Top Prospects Phillies
    Chico, Matt 2007 Topps 52 Nationals
    Combs, Pat 1990Donruss Phillies
    Cox, Steve 1995Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Athletics
    Cox, Ted 1980Topps Indians
    Crabtree, Tim 1992Classic Best Blue Jays
    Crowe, Trevor 2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball
    Cunningham, Aaron 2009 Upper Deck Athletics
    Cust, Jack 2010Topps team Checklist Athletics
    Cust, Jack 2004Topps Orioles
    Darwin, Danny 1991 Score Astros
    Davis, Storm 1989Topps Athletics
    Devine, Joey 2009Upper Deck Athletics
    Diaz, Einar 2005 Topps Total Cardinals
    Dishman, Glenn 1996 Donruss Padres
    Dotson, Richard 1983 Topps White Sox
    Eppard, Jim 1989Topps Angels
    Estes, Shawn 2002 Fleer Tradition Giants
    Etchebarren, Andy 1978 Topps Angels
    Etherton, Seth 2003Topps Total Reds
    Febles, Carlos 2000 MLB Showdown Royals
    Febles, Carlos 2002 Upper Deck Royals
    Febles, Carlos 2003 Topps Total Royals
    Gibbons, John 2006 Upper Deck Blue Jays
    Gibralter, Steve 1993 Bowman Reds
    Ginter, Matt 2000Bowman White Sox
    Greene, Rick 1994 Classic Best Gold Tigers
    Gubicza, Mark 1989Bowman Royals
    Hammond, Chris 1991Fleer Reds
    Hart, Jason 1999Team Best Athletics
    Hausman, Tom 1980 Topps Mets
    Heintz, Chris 2006Upper Deck Twins ( thin blue sharpie)
    Henderson, Dave 1992 Fleer Athletics
    Henry, Doug 1992 Leaf Brewers
    Herrmann, Frank 2010 Topps Update Indians
    Hopper, Norris 2008Upper Deck Reds
    Huber, Justin 2003Bowman Mets
    Humphrey, Terry 1978 Topps Angels
    Janssen, Casey 2006 Bowman ( auto bubbled) Blue Jays
    Johnson, Jeff 1991Fleer Yankees
    Jurrjens, Jair 2007Topps 52 Braves
    Katin, Brendan 2007Bowman Heritage Brewers
    King, Ray 2004 ToppsTotal Cardinals
    Koslofski, Kevin 1993 Stadium Club Royals ( signed in Silver sharpie)
    Lerew, Anthony 2005 Bowman Braves
    Listach, Pat 1993 DonrussBrewers
    Listach, Pat 1995Topps Brewers
    Lopez, Aguilino 2003 Topps Blue Jays
    Macri, Matt 2009Upper Deck Twins
    Martis, Shairon 2009Bowman Nationals
    May, Milt 1982Donruss Giants
    McDonald, John 2005Topps Total Blue Jays
    Meacham, Bobby 1985Topps Blue ( card is a little ragged, but autograph is perfect) s
    Menechino, Frank 2005 Topps Total Blue Jays ( black ballpoint)
    Miller, Andrew 2008 Upper Deck A piece of history Marlins
    Miller, Justin 2003 Upper Deck Blue Jays
    Milone, Tom 2012 Topps Nationals
    Mirabella, Paul 1983Donruss Rangers
    Mock, Garrett 2006Bowman Chrome Diamondbacks
    Molinaro, Bob 1983 Topps Phillies
    Munoz, Luis 2008Bowman Pirates
    Murphy, David 2008 Upper Deck Rangers
    Navarro, Jaime 1996Donruss Cubs
    Nieves, Melvin 1993Fleer Major League Prospects Braves ( anick in the corner)
    Ogea, Chad 1993 Fleer Excel (personalized to David) Indians.
    Olson, Garrett 2007IL Prospects Orioles
    Owens, Jerry 2009Upper Deck White Sox
    Parmelee, Chris 2012 Topps ( personalized to David) Twins
    Pauley, David 2004 Bowman Padres
    Quintero, Humberto 2010 Upper Deck Astros
    Rainey, Chuck 1983 Topps Red Sox
    Ramos, Cesar 2010Topps Rays
    Ramos, Henry 2011 Topps Debut Red Sox
    Rios, Armando 2000 Topps Giants
    Roenicke, Ron 1987 Topps Phillies
    Rolls, Damian 1999Team Best Rays
    Saltalamacchia, Jarrod 2003 Upper Deck Braves
    Slaten, Doug 2007Topps Diamondbacks (IP but he tried to sign the his alreadyprinted signature)
    Snelling, Chris 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mariners
    Stokes, Brian 2003Donruss Rays
    Tolleson, Steve 2008Bowman Twins
    Wade, Cory 2008Topps Update Dodgers
    Waters, Chris 2009 Upper Deck Orioles
    Whitt, Ernie 1988 Topps Blue Jays
    Wilson, Dan 1993Stadium Club Reds

    LMK what you want and we can probably work out a trade


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    I am interested in the Cory Wade auto. I have a 2010 Topps Dioner Navarro IP Auto(Rays) for trade. Please PM me if this is of interest to you. Thanks.

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    I might be interested in the Ray King. I have a few Royals to trade

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    Send a list of what you have and we can probably deal.


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    Roenicke, Ron 1987 Topps Phillies
    What would you need for this one? pm please

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    Im interested in the jurjens auto...i graphed a few of the nats triple a games last year....i have some chad tracy and some other minor leaguers if your interested

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    kahnefan Both of them are gone. sorry

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