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Thread: Build a Cup workshop

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    Build a Cup workshop

    I went to the LCS to bust some Cup on release day but was a few hours too late to snag a 6 box case, only ended up with 1 tin. So instead of buying in at a higher price, I opted to start building my own case. This will probably take me a little while to complete, but here's what I've gathered so far through some wheelin' and dealin':

    1st card(wrong year, but this year's Cup included cards from other years anyway)
    7/08 Martin Hanzal BLACK RC 1/1

    2nd card
    Brett Connolly BLACK RC 1/1

    3rd card
    Teemu Hartikainen BLACK RC 1/1

    4th card
    David Rundblad BLACK RC 1/1

    I have a few more in hand, but haven't had a chance to catalog them yet. Will continue to update this thread until the funds are all spent, still have quite a bit to go.
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