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    cards not shipped in bubble letter + broken. What to do??

    Hello guys. First of all, sorry if I'm difficult to understand, my first language is french.

    simply to have your opinion, and to see if you already have to deel with a situation like that.

    I just received a jersey cards I've traded with someone 3 week ago. The problem is: the card was not shipped in bubble letter and when I received it, she was broken.
    (one corner white, and also the card was badly damaged, like if someone folded the card.)

    The card was shipped in a normal letter, but in a plastic. So, I can't imagine she was damaged like that in shipping. The card was probably already broken when the trader ship it.

    What can I do? Contact the one I've traded with, leave a negative feedback, accept the card like this....

    The trader have 100% positive rating, I can't imagine he ship the card like that.........
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    Was the deal made here at SCF? If so, please contact me via PM.

    If it was made at another site, I would advise contacting your deal partner to notify them of the damage to seek a refund and/or replacement.
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    Your language was fine, and Rich (RGM) has given some good advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig2 View Post
    Your language was fine, and Rich (RGM) has given some good advice.
    Agree and agree.

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    Hope you get this dealt with Lexiled... I am sorry to hear about the Jersey card as I just recieved cards in a PWE, it was like I got slapped in the face because I am a believer in protecting valueables, I use bubble envelopes * Buy them by the case's*, Top Loaders , Penny Sleeves , Team bags , also I use Decoys to give extra strength to one or both sides of the toploader.. my as recycle them :) ..

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    Sorry to hear about it. Having done several deals with you I know you care about the packages you ship.
    If it is a SCF contact them and see if you can work it out. If not RGM81 will help you work it out.

    Your english is a 1000 times better than my French !

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