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    Here are some of mine. I love this thread

    - Non-Certified Autographed Cards
    - Jeremy Roenick Numbered Cards

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    I collect Pacific patches for football. Anyone want to see those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itwasin2004 View Post
    Those are by far my two favorite Iginla cards as well... No chance you would ever let those go, eh?? :)
    Sorry, haven't checked in on this thread for awhile. No, those 2 will be staying with me, the top card is one of my favorites.

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    My Gaborik patch from Private Stock Reserve, not many of these have three-color patches on them:

    - Kevin

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    Here is a Yashin with a shield, I have. Could be available.

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    This is my favorite Pacific PC patch;

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    Jaromir Jagr Wantlist; Hidden Content
    Tradelist/Salelist: Hidden Content

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    Here are a few of my Turco Pacific patches.....

    Start off with two of my favorites, part of the Koho tag and part of the shield

    A couple from 01-02 Titanium

    A Prism patch that is /30 I believe..

    Luxury Suite Modano/Turco dual (be nice to land the pesky dual blade /10, would pay a lot for it)

    Three nice Private Stock patches, one nice number piece, a nice shoulder patch piece and part of the Meigray tag on the other.

    Saved the nicest for last, all three of the 03-04 Mcdonalds Atomic patches, the last one is incoming so it's not in the group scan quite yet...
    Turco, Chet Pickard and Calvin Pickard Wantlist:
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    Sorry about the small scan. I hope to own this card one day but by far my favorite patch ever.


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