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    Would like the best deal I can get on Colts

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a good (cheap ish) game used/ rc / #'d lot on colts rookies, mainly peyton (if possible), reggie wayne, luck (if possible ), and possibly edgerrin james....
    lemme know what you've got and hopefully something can be worked out ;)

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    How much are you willing to spend? I have a Delone Carter Panini Playbook 2-color auto book /49, Topps Plat Luck X-fractor RC, 2012 Inception Dwayne Allen auto /150, 2012 Topps Plat T.Y. Hilton auto patch /1001.

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    $60 dlvd on this lot

    the manning on this lot is serially numbered to 5
    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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    $16 dlvd for this lot. Havent scanned the wayne into my PB yet.

    Can add a collectors edge Peyton Manning FAC rookie auto #366/6000 as well, make the lot $35 dlvd. let me know

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    I have 14 reggie wayne rookies (3 of which are jerseys and 11 serial numbered) I would be looking for 3 dlvd per serial numbered rookie..... 2.50 if 4 or more are bought...... and 5 on the jerseys dlvd....... Let me know if this is the type of stuff you are looking for

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    pm's sent to those with interest, thank you fall ! I'm lookin for reletively low end stuff... and like Luck Rookies I do not have yet.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I have the following: Topps Prime insert rookie of Luck and one of Hilton. Base Hilton numbered hilton /350, Fleenor Prime, Finest Hitlon, Fleenor and Ballard. Fleener is a ref. There is 7 rc cards total and none are dubs. IF you have a interest let me know. I can do them pretty cheap. Thanks.

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