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    Just sent my payment, with the 3rd spot I will take the Browns

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    Ramjak, SgtAJC actually traded me 14,15,23 which become 13,14,21 after the platinum picks are moved to the end ...he just also had 13 and 21 so it seemed lke he traded me those....i just posted the updated numbers. sorry for the confusion but i hold 14,15,23 that will become 13,14,21 as opposed to whats listed on the OP where i hold 13,14,21 which would turn into 12,13,19.......Again sorry for the confusion.
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    Please see OP for draft order. We are using the original draft order as seen in the randoms video. This is to keep everything as it was originally. The trades are posted in the OP, and we will simply skip over the picks from the participant that pulled out after agreeing to the trade manager and seeing the random order. The remaining 3 teams that are left after everyone has picked will become "free" to all particpants that remained, and will be randomed off as well at the end as a bonus.

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    Pick 5: Cowboys
    Pick 6: Broncos

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    I'm on the clock with the 8th pick.... Anyone want a team really bad here? Willing to make a deal within the next 20 minutes-half hour, if i don't hear anything i'll just pick!

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    With no further ado... I'll take the Seahawks

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