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    I pmed him this morning he replied at 940 but i didnt get back to him untill 11:30 i had an orientation this morning. i assume he should make his pick soon, but he definetly was ready its just my fault that i didnt get back to him sooner.
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    Thank you for the advice Afrank, very much appreciated! Sorry for the delay all, this is my first ever football break. I'm a hockey collector so I was having a tough time trying to decide which remaining team to go with. Also, I'm at work and haven't had a minute to myself to think... Any way, I'm going to go with the Chiefs!
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    Last but not least: Chargers. Now lets break this sucker tonight!!!

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    Break will be done at 8:15 PM EST, Just over 3 hours from now. Hope to see many of you in there taking part.

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    1. arfmax -- redskins
    2. SgtAJC(from Afrank45) -- colts
    3. bigpapi453 --- browns
    4. GiantsSB42champs --dolphins
    5. NBSII --cowboys
    6. NBSII -- broncos
    7. thecardbandit -- Packers
    8. mattdile3 -- Seahawks
    9. GiantsSB42champs -- Bucs
    10. beantown256 -- 49ers
    11. mikepro44 -- Rams
    12. SgtAJC -- Vikings
    13. Afrank45(from SgtAJC) -- Eagles
    14. Afrank45(from SgtAJC) -- Jags
    15. arfmax -- Giants
    16. mattdile3 -- Jets
    17. loloutloud -- Texans
    18. GiantsSB42champs -- Steelers
    19. SgtAJC -- Lions
    20. jazzer540 -- Bears
    21. Afrank45(from SgtAJC) -- Bills
    22. mattdile3 -- Titans
    23. SgtAJC -- Bengals
    24. mattdile3 -- Ravens
    25. GiantsSB42champs -- Patriots
    26. KD35Russ0 -- Cardinals
    27. GiantsSB42champs -- Saints
    28. rylin1711 -- Chiefs
    29. SgtAJC -- Chargers
    30. Ramjak Sports PlatinumPlus502- moved to back -- Falcons
    31. Ramjak Sports PlatinimPlus502- moved to back -- Panthers
    32. Ramjak Sports PlatinimPlus502- moved to back -- Raiders

    Latest as far as I can tell. Please don't get angry at me if something is wrong. The only 2 I know for sure are slots 5 & 6.
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    13. All breaks are done live on our BlogTv channel, and we will post in advance the time of the break so you can join us and watch the break live. We also will record it and have it available here for all to watch. To make sure you don't miss any of the action, subscribe to our Blogtv channel
    Hidden Content or check my SCF inventory (to the left) for inserts /parallels /autographs /game used & relics /rookies. Emmitt Hidden Content .
    -My unofficial Emmitt card count (not counting 1 of 1's I don't have): 4,680/7,161 = 65% (different cards as of 8/14/17).(#ed=1,695, gu=592, autos=66, 1 of 1's=6)
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    Payment Sent
    Collecting: Tom Brady, Rodney Harrison, Chandler Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Patriots, Patrick Roy, Pedro Martinez (Red Sox Jersey only)

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    Hey guys,

    i know this break got off to a shaky start but I'm actually happy to say I'm kinda pumped for the break tonight now. With the help of everyone pm-ing each other and working to get this draft done were actually done with a few hours to spare. Proves there's actually some good people left out there and even on this site

    NBSII- the list looks good as far as my four picks go too! So at least 6 are right.

    Ramjak - thanks for running this break. I have done a fair share of my own and you handled the turmoil well. I do want to thank u for just eating the cost of those 3 spots too. Not to mention the already great prices! That was leadership right there
    Sorry I haven't paid yet. I'm typing this from my iPhone with 5% battery left. Still no power or stores/banks open yet in Monmouth/Ocean counties so I haven't been able to make any deposits yet into my Paypal account. Obviously I know you said you understand the situation and all but I just feel really bad I haven't been able to pay yet. Goes without saying to not ship my cards until I do pay but do know I plan on it ASAP.

    With that said, I am tryin to sell some stuff tonight before the break so I dont have to feel guilty about you running the break without my payment in yet.

    If anyone has some Paypal to spare I would be more than willing to work out a deal with you. For example I could let go of the Seahawks for $75, Titans for $35, Ravens for $30 or all 3 for $135 if any of you guys want to pick them up, you could send the Paypal right to Ramjak.

    i also just posted this lot in the buy/sell forum for $150 or $140 PayPal gift. All 2009 SPa, with the nicest autos being a Britt Logo RAP, Britt Letter RAP, Massaquoi superPatch and Cushing rookie auto. Again I would let that go to one of the guys in the break for only 135 PayPal sent straight to Ramjak so I can feel less guilty about being one of or THE last guy to pay...

    good luck to you all tonight. I won't be watching most likely but hopefully we get some 1/1 mojo.

    Matt Mandile (mattdile3)

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    Thank you everybody for taking part, Break will start in 15 minutes.

    edit from Rick: We appreciate the kind words from the members. We of course have no problem accomidating issues that have come up with the storms etc. As for any payments that are due, we know everyone is men of their words, and we wont ship until payment is made anyways, so take care of what you need to, and dont worry

    Have fun tonight, and I will be watching too!

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