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    RACING CARDS FOR SALE 1988 MAXX SET ERNIE IRVAN UDHead GAsket Card Piece of Engine

    I HAVE A neAR cOMPLETE sET OF 1988 maxx rACING cARDS The Set Is Almost Complete I think Iam Missing about 5 Cards I think All rookies are There. tHEY ARE IN THE orIGINAL bOX, tHOUGH iT IS pRETTY PLAIN.. tHE CaRDS ARE STILL tHERE IN THE bOX, AND iN eXCELLENT cONDITION!

    ALSO selling: What looks to be a 1997 or 1998 Ernie IRvan Upper Deck (POWER SHIFT) MOSTLY ALL CHROME CARD Except for two Little Circles- Each the Size of a Quarter or a Bit Bigger on the Card with a headshot Of IRVAN and the OTher Circle Holding a Piece of His HEadgasket Being From The Race TAKEN PLACE ON: 11/2/1997 On Back it is Certified By Upper Deck Saying ITs a Piece of His Headgsasket from his car from the Race on 11/2/1997. VERY COOL CARD! Most ALL CHROME METALLIC MIRROR FINSIH Along the Top Says: "PIECE of the Engine" CARD is #d PE9Says Authetic Headgasket.PERFECT CONDITION...

    Looking To sell These As I am Not a Huge RAcing Fan But MY NEighbor Is... I was thinking about talking to him about maybe wanting to buy or give me accurate value on them...

    Just Want to sell Them to someone Who Would really Appreciate Them and the PRice Be FAir For Both of Us. One of Both Peices IAm interested in SElling I would prefere selling both at once to same person but would consider both to different people planned to sell togther.
    Comes down to price.. I Guess.

    MEssage ME With Any Questions, PERFECT CONDITION.

    Make Offers I Suppose...

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    THERE IS A CLOSEUP OF THE GASKET.. I have a Complete SCan of the Front and the Back entire Card.. But SCF's Image Uploader REpreatedly Denies Both Images I tried Uploading both about 5 times.. I think they are too big too post or for the site in general. I will Post a PHotbuckt. Link Shortly.

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    People LEt me know IF this Link Works For you To View the IRvan CArd

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