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    If she is Beckett's Hockey Editor then she probably shouldn't be if she admits to not following the game or NHL on TV. I saw no passion for the product or cards or players in the break she did.
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    Some of you seem to have false expectations. At the end of the day it is all about the money so why should the hobby be any different than the game itself. Look at the current situation, in Bettman and Fehr you have two American lawyers with massive egos fighting over the future of the game. I doubt either fully understands the game, and I am certain that neither has my passion for the game. At the end of the day their repsonsibility is to make either the owners or the players rich, and I am willing to bet any of you that neither one of them can pronounce all the names of their customers correctly.

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    Marco you noticed ,, if that was me or you breaking that damn Box it would have been two Raycroft or clemenson or some no body goalie that played for Toronto for two and half minutes .

    Quote Originally Posted by PotvinFan View Post
    Like she pulls two Potvin cards! damn! lol

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    actually it would have helped allot since no one would pay any attention on her missing up the names huge

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogulon View Post
    Wow that was bad!!!!! Even being a Toronto fan I cringe when they pronounce Habs names wrong......
    You think Becket would let her do the video in the office instead of her apartment!!!!

    I agree totally with MatsSundin13Rocks no passion no nothing.... Not even her being topless would have helped that video

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    My comments/opinion have nothing at all to do with the person's gender.
    What's in a person's pants has nothing to do with what comes out of their mouth. (Mouth-breathing windowlickers, please refrain from turning that into a dirty joke).

    I'm not sure if you're a woman or not Razz, but I'm taking a random shot in the dark that you are (I think we've exchanged PMs once, months and months ago). It's not a woman-bashing carried out by men, it's an idiot-bashing carried out by fans of the sport that she is the head of in the biggest collector's publication.

    If Bob McKenzie butchered these names, his twitter would explode to the point where he'd outright have to address it and tell people to please stop, he's been twitter-bombed before. He's only an analyst, the editor has to make sure what he says is right. So again, I really don't think this has anything to do with being a woman.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but personally this is just a case of being a piss-poor choice for the job.
    If you told me "The head hockey person over at Beckett just said "Guy" instead of "Gee", I would call them a moron first, and ask questions later. Why do they not know this stuff? How can they edit if they don't even know right from wrong?

    "The world's most trusted source in collecting." Mhmm. Their lead editor is in poor need of an editor.

    Yes, there are a lot of names in hockey. A lot of Russian/Czech/French names that can be hard, but if there were ever a person I'd expect to know them all near flawlessly, it would be the editor of Beckett.

    Also as some food for thought, Susan is the editor for both Hockey and Football. Her Twitter handle is @yanxchick. Just sayin.
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    Kron you got me wrong, got nothing against the criticism, gender is irrelevant. It was this comment: "not even her being topless would have helped that video"

    I mean, we don't say about a guy "not even he topless/pantless would have helped the video". DO WE? it was that comment that p*ssed me off. Otherwise, go on, she deserves the criticism just like any guy would.


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    Fair enough :) And I wasn't thinking you took offense to the things I said, just wanted to make sure that this all didn't seem like woman bashing.

    Both genders are fully capable and willing of being equally stupid.
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