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    Forever rivals breaks..scanned what i didn't already sell

    i had 3 master cases, ended up only cracking 9 boxes, sold the rest and made a few bucks. All i wanted was to pull a cut auto, and i did! King Clancy! I'm building the auto set, as well a few other sets.

    here's a link to my photobucket, if you need any of my forever Rivals stuff lmk.

    The hits were

    Cujo nice complete jersey

    Price auto jersey

    Clancy cut 1/1

    Thanks for the look

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    Uhhhhhhhhhhh huh. The rich get richer hahahahaaaaaaaa! All 10 boxes didn't get me anything NEAR what you pulled. Congrats tho sir!!
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    Very cool! Would like to see a scan of the Price. :)
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    Wow nice bucket. By chance do you have any wendel Clark's available from any set? Thx

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    Don't show your photobucket everyone will go nuts!!!
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    Hey man, want to PM me what u have left in Leafs base and inserts?

    And congrats on the Clancy cut! sick pull :)

    Thanks! Andrew

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    Very well done on the cut Isaac. Congrats
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    Man this case was loaded!!! Why oh why wasn't it Ed's and mine?

    Congrats on the Clancy Cut!

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    Thx guys! sold everything aside from my autos, building the set. My buddy is doing a "master set" so he took all my GU and Inserts. Just ordered a case each of The History of Hockey and Superlative, won't be selling that stuff fast so i'll share all of that with the site.

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