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    Anyone trading for star game used!! Look and please read!

    CMB have some star GU for trade,

    Im looking to trade them in 2+ card lots for 1 card preferably an auto Looking for same value in return, looking to thin out my collection! (bigger lots the better)

    I'll check buckets but just looking to trade for a decent auto of same value in return.

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    pm me on the all 3 navaro bowman autos

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlutton View Post
    your link isn't working for me
    it usually works, sorry, and see if this one works

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlutton View Post
    i like the bowman plates and patches and contenders auto
    Wanting to move my game used for an auto like stated in thread, but didnt see anything i could use thanks for the look anyways,


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