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    With Early Voting under way.....Obama has received a very good start!

    Before I post this story, YES, the GOP is already claiming that these numbers are false, distorted, don't tell the whole story, etc, etc.

    "Obama leads Romney by 59 percent to 31 percent among early voters, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data compiled in recent weeks."

    "With the November 6 election just more than three weeks away, 7 percent of those surveyed said they had already voted either in person or by mail."

    "The online poll is another sign that early voting is likely to play a bigger role this year than in 2008, when roughly one in three voters cast a ballot before Election Day. Voting is already under way in some form in at least 40 states."

    BTW.....whenever you see a Yahoo story being posted, I suggest you guys to read the comments, they are always HILARIOUS!

    Yahoo, for some weird reason is filled with far right conservatives (or at least that's always the comments that pop up) and they are in full conspiracy mode with this story.....there's nothing better than seeing a conservative's head blow up
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    Anyone ever notice how numbers that favour Republicans are never skewed but numbers that favour Democrats are always skewed?

    Anyone have any theories?

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    I really don't care what the numbers say. I love and care about my country and feel that I along with everyone else would be doing a grave injustice by not going out and voting for President Obama. He is the only one of the canidates who has a realistic chance of winning who will fight to turn things around and put people back to work. Romney on the other hand is just spewing a bunch of hot air. A vote for Romney is a vote against America.
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