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    How do YOU organize your hockey cards?

    Hey guys, I'm just posting this to see how everyone else on here organizes their cards. I know many of you have much, much larger collections than me, so it would be cool and interesting to hear how you organize your cards!

    Personally, I keep all of my jerseys, autos, and numbered cards in a binder together. I've flipped back and forth between doing that and keeping them in one of those columned plastic collector cases. My rookies are sorted by year. This becomes a pain if I buy an older product, though, because then I have to move all of the cards just to fit one into a sleeve in the binder, and it can be time consuming.

    Really, this is to just see how everyone else does it, and maybe even give myself some ideas to make organization of my cards easier. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing how you all do this!

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    My collection is getting pretty big (think I need to start making more of an effort to trading or selling my 'traders') so I have several different ways I organize things.

    Sets, they are mostly in binders. I do have a few olders ones that are now tucked away into boxes as well.... but mostly in sets. The sets I mainly collect are UD Series 1/2 - and for the newer sets (since the early 00s when RCs become short prints) I've been keeping all the RCs / SPs out of the binders, and they are in toploaders in a couple of boxes together.

    My Ranford stuff is split between being in a binder (the base, lower end insert stuff) and toploaders or one touches (the higher end parallels, GUs, and Autos). This is pretty easy to maintain...... for the few spots in the binder where I don't have the cards, I've simply left an empty spot. All the higher end cards, they're now taking up a 4 row + a 2 row box.... and I keep them ordered by year / set.

    I've also got a large Oilers collection, where everything (RCs, Autos, GU) is stored in toploaders. I've sorted the players first by the year in which they played their first game with the Oilers, and then alphabetically within that year.

    The rest of my stuff is a disorganized mess, lol.
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    Northwest Division Teams in one binder
    Central Division in another, so on and so forth
    Sets go in a seperate binder,
    PC in a different binder.
    Football in another binder lol

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    I was doing an excel spreadsheet but havent done more in months because it's so boring and time consuming i cant take it and i still need to do like 500 more cards or something like that.

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    Excel sheet (I don't add base sets to it when I buy them).

    I keep the UD Series 1 & 2 in a binder. Any card of retired players who played their last season the yr before have their cards go at the end of the binder. Any miscellaneous cards like a Prime or Cup base from that season go at the end of the binder as well. So I'm basically doing it by yr.

    Have a separate binder for cards of retired players because I didn't start collecting the UD base set till 10/11 so anyone who retired before 09/10 is in a different binder.

    I don't have jerseys or any high ends so this works for me, it's pretty cool to do it by yr and see the progression of players in their career and it's like a mini scrapbook for a season.

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    I've got most of my sets in binders, and my traders and favorite singles in Top Loaders in boxes. I've got a bunch of sorted base cards in set boxes and then a bunch of base in a large box until I decide what to do with it.

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    I keep all my stuff in 2 tier boxes by team. If you have more than a two tier box worth of cards you can replace it with a 3 tier. And all my cards are in toploaders with team bags over them.

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    traders - doc which is saved on my computer for editing
    pc - photobucket for photos

    in person:
    pc - in toploaders and soft sleeves sorted out by player and for my random collection, types of card.
    sets - binders with each set labeled on the outside.
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    For me it's easier to take pics than to explain lol.

    PC's of Stamkos and St. Louis.

    PC's of Lecavalier, Connolly, Hedman, all other current Lightning players, and the 2004 Stanley Cup champions in the nearest box.

    I keep all the base from each product in it's own box just in case anyone needs anything for a set or player.

    I keep my City Lights set and inserts FT in binders.

    And all my traders are in shelves, this is just one of them.

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    Majorly collecting Steven Stamkos (873 unique cards)
    Also looking for other current Lightning players

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    How many blaster boxes are you sitting on? That looks like a Hockey Card Museum. I've got cards in about 40 different boxes in 3-4 different rooms, on the floor, in the closet, on the table in one room. It's a bit more manageable now with less than 20,000 cards, but when I had over 500K it was a nightmare.

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