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Thread: 1987 Topps TTM Thread

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    Been super busy since T-Ball started and I'm coaching the little whipper snappers. I picked up some cards from another collector of 87's who was having a set break. I missed a ton of really nice cards but did get lucky to pick up these guys.

    Set Break cards:
    Alejandro Pena, Bob Boone, Bobby Thigpen, Brian Fisher, Darrell Evans, Dave Bergman, Dave LaPoint, Frank White, Greg Harris, Greg Pryor, Jim Ganter, Jim Presely, Jim Wohlford, Joel Skinner, Keith Atherton, Mike Easler-upgrade, Mike Fischlin, Mike Trujillo-xtra, Oddibe McDowell, Paul Assenmacher, Phil Garner, Randy St. Claire, Ray Fontenot, Rob Murphy, Terry Harper, Toby Harrah and Vida Blue

    Alejandro Pena 1987T.JPGBob Boone 1987T.JPGBobby Thigpen 1987T.JPGBrian Fisher 1987T.JPGDarrell Evans 1987T.JPG

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    Last pics:
    Toby Harrah 1987T.JPGVida Blue 1987T.JPG

    Sitting at 309 and counting.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Phil Garner looks sweet!
    Thanks, that was a nice one.

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