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    A couple of Whitmore's for my birthday!

    Well it's my birthday and I got these two in, pretty fitting. Would have been cool to get the Printing Plate I got yesterday on my birthday, but not getting picky haha.

    And another look at the plate for those who didn't see it:

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    Happy birthday buddy! Best Whitmores, I mean wishes to yas.............
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    Happy Birthday, Eric! Congratulations on the great Whitmores. Those are some really cool additions, especially the printing plate. UD really outdid themselves with this year's The Cup, it looks better than ever.

    Collecting Mask Cards

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    Congrats on the 1/1 and happy birthday! ! How many of those ultimate rcs do you have now?

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    Thanks guys, 3 of my favorites here on SCF. You guys rock.
    Ed - lol
    Ethan - I agree, hope I can get the last 3!
    Jon - I wanna say 21, but not positive hahaha

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