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    How long have you waited for a redemption before requesting a replacement?

    I don't redeem cards very often, because I really don't like to wait. Unless the card is part of a set, I'd rather have something in-hand that I can trade or sell. I redeemed this one because I bought it for a fantastic price:

    I'm currently collecting 2011-12 SP Authentic Sign of the Times cards. Most of the Group A are very hard to come by, and as I don't really have the cash to justify spending on cards, I'd like to use my high-end traders to acquire some of those evasive Group A cards. The problem is, I don't really have a lot of high-end cards that aren't Borje Salming. I don't want to take advantage of Upper Deck's willingness to provide a replacement if requested (from what I've read; I've never followed that path), but at the same time acknowledge that redemptions are simply a pain. Therefore, I would like OPINIONS, please. I'd like to know how you'd handle this situation. I will use your collective input to influence my decision.

    1. How long have you waited for a redemption before requesting a replacement?

    2. Having waited two months, is it now appropriate to request a replacement?

    3. If yes, is requesting an insert from the same set of the same/comparable player taboo?

    Thank you!
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    Depends on the card if its PC or not.

    I'm still waiting for a Bobrovsky Dominion RPA from 10-11 Dominion that I redeemed a week after the product came out (a year now) and I have no problems waiting another year or two as long as the card gets made I'm going to need it for the collection so I have no choice really.

    If it's a non PC card I'm redeeming I give it 4 months, after 4 months I say screw it and give me a replacement as it doesn't really matter because it wasn't PC so its getting traded or sold anyway.

    Now in your case I would continue to wait a little longer since you're dealing with a Crosby /50 (replacement could be scrums) I wouldn't want to risk it with a replacement because we all know how well the companies are at determining a replacement..very hit or miss. I'd say at 2 months right now to give it a little bit longer.

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    Hoped against hope that the redemption would be fulfilled, but it wasn't meant to be. Got a very unsatisfying replacement starring a Kyle Chipchura SP Authentic RC, a common GU of some sort, and for some reason a Larry Murphy Beehive auto.

    2. Two months is nothing. Keep in mind that Crosby probably only does a small handful of signing sessions per year. The demands on his time are incredible so he likely only sets aside 3-4 dates per year for autograph sessions. This was the case with Saku Koivu back when he was with Montreal, so just imagine what it must be like for Sid.

    3. There's really nothing "taboo" when it comes to redemption replacement requests so long as they are reasonable. Obviously a Sid hard-signed auto in an SP'd set is going to command pretty good value. Certainly another Group A auto is very reasonable.
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    I know of at least two traders who held out the 6+ years to get their SP Authentic Barker RC.

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    I'm still waiting....

    Over 10 years now, in December it will be 11 years. 01-02 SPx Rookie Redemption Shawn Thornton. After 20-30 calls and letters to UD, I just stopped buying their products.

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    My longest wait was 3+ Years. UD then decided that the card wouldn't be made, so I took a replacement instead.

    The big thing (for me) with redemptions is, why did I redeem this card? If I pulled the exchange card in a pack, and just used the redemption myself.... then yes, I'd probably ask for a replacement in the 3-6 month range.

    If I went out of my way to aquire the exchange card, becuase I wanted the card for my collection..... then why on earth would I want to swap it out for something else? I traded (cards or cash) to get something..... and while it may be frustrating to wait, I would much rather wait 3 years to get the card I wanted, instead of bailing after 6 months and taking was the company would give me as a suitable replacement.

    The only time I took a replacement, I got great "value" for my troubles.... but felt very ripped off by the whole process, becuase I didn't want the replacement cards.
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    Thanks everybody for your input. At least for now, I'm going to hold off a little bit longer. I suppose risking a Crosby auto for any given Group A auto could result in disaster. I'd hate to wind up with a Matthias Sign of the Times as my replacement. If, down the line, the card is not produced, I'm sure they would then be more willing to replace it with a single card of equal value, as opposed to potentially 3-4 cards I don't really want or need!
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    I've been waiting since May for a Malkin Contenders Auto, going to keep waiting too. Not really a PC card but the value of it is very nice. It's a SP card too so I don't know how close Panini could get as a replacement. I have gotten a couple emails from Topps for some football redemptions that are over 5 months now too but they are only open such goofy hours that I have to make time to call them for replacements but one of those is for PC.
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    I had 1 from Panini that was 6+ months and they sent me a Tavares patch in return. I forgot what card I redeemed and was even waiting for at that point.
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    Since I am in a pretty similar situation, I will tell you my plan.

    At this point, I have 83/83 of the Sign of the Times singles from this year, which means I have all of the Group A's. However, sadly there are 5 redemptions in the set, but since I am not going to be willing to take a replacement without waiting, I am essentially willing to wait as long as it takes for them to get signed.

    The thing with SPA, whether it be SOTT or Chirography, there are so many set collecters and eventually these cards will be signed by the big names, it's a matter of time IMO.

    Thankfully, the Landeskog and Gretzky redemptions have already came in, so just waiting on Ovy, Sid, and Geno.

    I could see if it was a lesser name then UD could axe someone from the set if they take a while, but those 3 big names take a long time for nearly everything, so I think we just need some patience.
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