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Thread: Most pulled player, 2012

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    Most pulled player, 2012

    What player have you been pulling the most of out of packs and boxes, this year? For 2012, my guy is Ronnie Hillman, RB for the Broncos. I pulled 1 on-card from Inception, 1x auto patch from platinum, and 1x on-card auto from another box of platinum.

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    Just waiting for somebody to say RG3 or Luck. I'm gonna be so mad at them :p

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    TJ Graham - Buffalo Bills
    Baseball PC Wants: Cole Hamels, Mike Schmidt, Pat Burrell, & Chase Utley
    Football PC Wants: Mike Kafka (current high want), Mychal Kendricks, Zach Ertz, Eagles QBs (past and present),
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    Andrew Luck pulled an auto out of every box so far...I would like a Turbin once in awhile
    always looking for Panthers...

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    I opened two boxes of Plat today, and didn't even get a Luck base card. You jerk!! :p
    Quote Originally Posted by jasonluckydog17 View Post
    Andrew Luck pulled an auto out of every box so far...I would like a Turbin once in awhile

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    From what I've seen, it's been Fleener, Turbin, Hillman, Greg Childs, Jarius Wright, and Graham.
    Maurice Jones-Drew, Ryan Moats, Bernard Pierce, Margus Hunt & Green Bay Packers game used
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    Ryan Moats - Different: 173/366

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    Michael Egnew and Robert Turbin have been doing a nice job ruining my breaks
    Collecting James Neal and all Pitsburgh Penguins + Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, Jose Tabata, Pedro Alvarez and Pirates Prospects.

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    for me its been joe adams and chris givens
    Collecting: Current Cubs and Current Steelers and WWE autos

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