Hey guys. Well I'm not sure if you all remember, but I have a redemption that I put in last October or early November with Topps. It was for a 2011 A&G Jake LaMotta relic. I forgot who on here had the same redemption as I do. Pretty sure it was Greengoblin782. Anyway, the shipment date was supposed to be 2/12/12 and I have yet to see the card. After about 10+ messages to Topps, they FINALLY responded 7 weeks ago saying to wait 4-6 more weeks for the card to ship because it was on back order. I emailed them last week, waited the 2 business days, and no response. I emailed them on Monday and I finally got a response. They said to call in to resolve the issue and for an overall better customer service experience. So just under a year later and all they say is to just call in....I'm really fed up with them at this point.

I know that you can't pick your replacement card if you opt for that, but that's what I'm going for. My question is has anyone had a bad replacement card for a redemption from Topps? And if it is a bad card, is there any way you can demand another card? At this point, I'm expecting an amazing replacement for waiting a full year. I'm just afraid that I'll receive a no-namer after waiting a year for this card.