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    You're doing the right thing Richard, you work hard for your money, it should go to something worth your time and effort.

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    I'm a lucky one I guess I'm still enjoying working on my PC stuff but I noticed a trend in my collecting habits everything not Habs will eventually be gone or tradedfor Habs stuff.
    Good luck with your future projects Richard.
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    I'm sure this was not an easy decision for you..... but I say good for you, for doing it.

    I often wonder how collectors of modern players do it. Everyone who has read my posts knows who I collect (Ranford) and it is something that I've never really grown tired of. I would say that I'm having more fun with it now than I was 4 or 5 years ago, and that's becuase the last couple of years, all three manufacturers have stepped up and made more cards for me to chase. For 2011-12, as an example, there were 71 new Bill Ranford cards. 7 of those were 1/1s... and there is another one that I question the existance of (I've seen a couple different versions of the checklist, and not sure that a dual Honerable numbers /w Gary Cheevers was ever actually made for The Cup) but this means I still got in excess of 60 new cards to chase this past season.

    Having said that, I understand where you're coming from. I'm happy to get 60+ new cards of a guy that retitred more than a decade ago, but I see that Price got nearly 500 new cards last year. That's an impossible task. The 'collect what you like' mantra is what I often use as my response to threads questioning the idea of a player collection.... and its no different here. If collecting Price in bulk no longer makes sense to you, keep what you like and move the rest.

    I'm glad to read that you're keeping some of the collection, and will still add to it when you see the right pieces. Maybe that's 5 new Price cards this year, maybe it's 20? Maybe there will be one set that comes along..... something really eye catching.... that you still want to do a 'rainbow' of?

    If you're no longer going to go nearly as hard after Price.... I do look forward to seeing what you can turn many of those cards into. My assumption is that you'll likely still be pretty Habs-Heavy with the collection, and there is no shortage of nice cards there.

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    This has become a very interesting discussion thread and I am enjoying it tremendously.

    Within the past two weeks as I've been flirting with the notion of breaking up a large chunk of this collection I've been able to add the following cards (among others) via trade/PayPal from other Price cards:

    2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Team Canada Signatures #TCLL Louis Leblanc
    2011-12 Limited Louis Leblanc RC
    2011-12 Prime Louis Leblanc RC
    2011-12 Upper Deck Canvas Louis Leblanc YG
    2009-10 Trilogy Ice Scripts Max Pacioretty
    2007-08 The Cup Signature Patches Saku Koivu - I am actually in love with this card. Tremendous 3-colour number patch.
    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Autographs Alex Kovalev

    And even a couple new Carey additions:
    2011-12 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Jerseys Prime
    2011-12 Dominion Prime Nameplates (with the cool Centennial jersey letter)

    Most of the cards in that top portion are cards that had previously been figured by me as "would be nice but need Carey stuff" so it's already having a positive effect that is making collectible a bit more enjoyable for me. Who knows, maybe if I'm able to sell enough stuff I'll be able to venture into the gamer jersey world a bit...
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    i used to be a big pavel bure collector and chased everything i could. I realized years into it that i would have a better all around collection if i changed things up. Now i go after rookies and patch cards that catch my eye. Cards are still what you make of them and when You own them, they are only worth what the NEXT guy will pay for them
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    As one of perhaps a dying breed of hardcore player collectors, I completely understand your decision Rich. While I love my Sedin twins to death, and will hopefully be able to see the collection through to their retirement (and beyond!), I'd be hesitant to recommend anyone start a 'collect-everything-of-a-player' collection... beyond the obvious huge commitments of time and money, we've seen so many folks agonize over whether they can continue when major life changes happen, or their PC guy gets traded, or a new parallel-happy company comes along.

    I think you said it all when you probably wouldn't have picked up those other sweet cards in the past because they "would be nice but need Carey stuff", it's great that you'll be able to chase other stuff that interests you now that you're not focused on checking off the boxes on the daunting Carey Price checklist. Hope this year is even more fun for you in the hobby (especially if the boys get back to lacing them up and give us some hockey to watch!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by sedinfan
    their PC guy gets traded
    This was a very real fear for me in the spring of 2010. I was certain that the Habs were going to give up on him and go with Halak as their main man between the pipes. I had resolved that I would continue to collect him regardless of where he went; indeed, in my mind if it happened I was hoping for either Vancouver or Colorado. The sigh of relief I breathed on 6/17/10 was profound and lasting.
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    Congrats on the decision Rich.

    I have been back and forth over the same thing over the last few months. (mostly with Karlsson)

    My Hossa stuff has been slow as of late but I still get very happy when I add even a base card to the PC (and there are still lots of them on the list as needed lol)

    I started Greening but am just getting the lower end stuff and the odd one that looks "cool".

    I think I still get a kick out of the Billy PC the most. It is not huge but it is fun to add to.

    I have been thinking about just adding a couple of jersey sets to my want list just to mix it up a bit.

    GL on getting some cool habs stuff in the Forever Rivals set.
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    I recently came to sort of the same conclusion with my Naslund PC. I started collecting him back in 02 and have gone off and on over the years and even sold all my nice stuff off back in 05. There's just too much, especially post lock out. Heck, even this years artifacts probably has 20 or more cards (c'mon UD, put a freakin checklist up on your site so i can get it in the inventory). So, I put up all the 05-06 and beyond meh jerseys and such on ebay to get rid of them. I'm keeping the nice post lockout pieces like my Limited Logos and such but the rest I have no attachment too.

    That being said, I still get a thrill when I add a card from 03-04 and earlier and will continue to pick those up as I go. Now, instead of looking at a 2500+ card PC, I'm looking at probably 1200 or so.. much more manageable. I'll probably move on to post lockout cards if I get a good piece close to the pre lockout numbers but we'll see.

    Lately, I've been more picking up just cards I like for a PC. Lot's of vintage goalie memorabilia and auto's and so on.
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    I feel you, man. There's a reason I don't really collect Sakic, Brodeur, Luongo, Niedermayer, or even Linden anymore. Do what you gotta do and see if I have anything nice I can trade up for ;)

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