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    Looking to buy a new box of cards, Need advice!!

    just looking to buy a new box from 12-13 or possibly 11-12, just wondering what i should get?? Was thinking something around $150 or so

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    5 boxes of 11/12 Score. I'm completely serious when I say that. You'll be busting for 5 hours and can get some insane $$$ cards!
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    how much does a box of that cost? might be alright for couple boxes if they are cheap, good shot at autos and game used?

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    If you are looking for a shot at Game used and autos I would suggest 12-13 Artifacts. 3 hits plus an auto per box. Or even 11-12 Certified (about the same ratios). This will set you back typically around 100-110$

    Or if you are the type to gamble a bit more then either 11-12 Ultimate (1 base, 1 rookie, 1 auto and 1 GU per pack/box) or 11-12 Limited (2-3 Base, and 3-4 "hits" with one of them being at least an auto. Same pricing as Artifacts and Certified
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