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    The "collect what you like" thing is something that has been a problem for me in many venues over the years. Simply put, when I like a thing, I REALLY LIKE A THING!!! I have 6 binders full of DVD's of live Metallica recordings upstairs and a couple boxes full of Spider-Man comic books in my mom's basement as a testament to that. I've never really been one to just dip my toes into the waters, it's usually a nice big dive off the deep end. And while I'm in the pool I tend to love it a whole lot. But eventually you need to get out of the pool, either to step into the hot tub or go do something else entirely. And that's kinda where I'm at now. After almost 5 years of doing this, I can enjoy things from the hot tub and be much more selective rather than having to bother chasing down parallels and shiny things. It'll be a fun phase two, as the good & plenty from phase one will allow me to go wider rather than deeper this time around.
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    I have found focusing on my team, rather than a particular player, has made things enjoyable for me. No stress, can't possibly have every Habs card ever made. Just trying to get as many in the collection as I can. It's almost as exciting getting a Scott Thornton in the mail as it is the Rocket! Almost ;)

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    That's the reason why i have never really been a player collector. Depending on your budget, there are nice sets worth collecting with a mix of RCs and HOFs. The Cup signature patches or enshrinements can be affordable if you wait 6 months or collect the previous year set.

    personnally, i alternate some sets so i get some new designs every year. You know for sure there is a limited number of cards in the set and it is possible to do it!

    Have fun too!

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    I feel the same way as several others here, where I've just become disenchanted with most of my PC players, and in fact with hockey cards in general.

    I recently picked up my 100th Jonathan Toews auto, which I thought was a nice milestone for my collection but I honestly can't get the least bit excited about it. I've even considered just selling the whole collection because of my lack of enthusiasm, but I will probably hold them at least until the lockout ends to see if my feelings change. I have two smaller but quite comprehensive collections of Robin Lehner and Jhonas Enroth, and my plan again is to just move those in the near future.

    The one PC that I do enjoy is my Pavelec collection, but I think it's because I only go after his rookie-year stuff, trying to find nice patches to add even if it means having multiples. I just see no appeal anymore in chasing every card of a player for the reasons that Rich already stated so eloquently. And in collecting only a player's rookie year cards, I don't have to worry about new releases.

    My focus over the next year will be on completing some NBA and NFL Hall of Fame auto sets. I've always collected these on the side, but I've now decided that instead of chasing current stars or the latest hot rookie I'd rather get cards of known quantities. My top priority right now is the 1997 Upper Deck Legends Football autograph set, a 169-card set of retired stars and HOFers that has a lot of SP cards and which I'm sure will take a few years and many thousands of dollars to finally complete. It's the first time I've been excited about a set in a very long time.

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    The timing for me relative to the release of Forever Rivals is somewhat fortuitous in that it will allow me to definitely broaden my approach. With so many great Habs names on the checklist, it's a fantastic opportunity for me to get some cards of lesser known guys at the expense of some of the Price stuff I have. And I even have some decent Leafs traders for the Leafs fans to boot! Haha
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    2017-18 Habs Collections: Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Pacioretty, and Jonathan Drouin

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    Here is my feelings about this. I collect 2 players. Mats Sundin and Nikolai Kulemin. Sundin has almost 4000 cards. I have over 1000 unique Sundin cards. I am a huge fan of his. However I don't need all 4000 cards. Many are 1/1s or /10 or less. Won't be able to find or have the funds to acquire them all. I don't care though. The whole supercollector badge thing is really great for those who can afford it but it is overrated. I don't need to have the badge to know that my Sundin collection is super.

    As for Kulemin he has been in the league since 2008/09. I have a high percentage of his cards excluding 1/1s. I still collect him but I just don't have the time or passion to chase down ever single parallel or card of his that is produced. If I see a card I like and the price is right or I can trade for it then I will get it. If not then oh well.

    Also I am getting into collecting more and more Leafs and Canucks that I like. Trying to enjoy the hobby again by appreciating good base and insert cards. The biggest problem for me is laziness. I'm just too lazy to scan everything I have, list it for trade or sale, display my PC online, etc. I want to do that but it would take a lot of time to organize all the stuff I have acquired. My photobucket is a complete mess as well right now.

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    I may be lucky that my both PC-players has "limited" amount of cards compared with many of todays players who has insane amounts of cards every season, so almost every time when I get a new memorabilia card of any of my PC-players is a huge feat, because of that older ITG-memorabilia cards are much rarer and more expensive than todays.

    But that's ineed true that the market is too overflooded by memorabilia cards and mostly of those just looks alike and many card companies are just copy-cats or repeats cards design year after year and has numerous parallels of parallels and yet again more parallels so I can totally understand your frustrations, especially when you're collecting a NHL-star...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    And that's the end of the era for me.
    Funny or not, I just used the same term in the title of my mail post on our Finnish site. I'm mainly a player collector and most of my players are already retired so only some new cards may be produced once in a while for players like Mogilny and Larmer. I've never been good at buying just the cards I like. I'm more of a all or nothing type of collector.

    Started a Hartnell MEM/AU collection a couple of years ago when he bought a piece of my Finnish team. I'm pretty sure that collection came to its end now as SPGU, The Cup, Prime and Dominion had tons of his stuff with many multiplayer cards.

    I really liked having a new player to collect in 11-12 sets but the amount of Teemu Hartikainen (EDM) stuff, many of those with RNH, is just crazy. Added to that most of that stuff is filled with Rookie Photoshoot / Event Worn jersey/patch pieces I think it's just insane. To me those are just like any fabricated material, nothing like having actual GW pieces.

    I'm pretty much done with the new sets. The feeling of finding a missing parallel from 02-03 is 100x the feeling of adding a 11-12 Jersey/Prime/Patch/Strap to the PC for me.


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    I am not surprised to be honest.

    I can remember a little chat we had this time last year about my worries and passion about the hobby regarding my collection and you advised to stick with it as the post-season is always a lull. I did, and even now, still have doubts, so I totally know where you're coming from.

    Gagne's run is getting slower and more limited as each product is released but, like everybody else, I am getting increasingly bored and frustrated with what's on offer at the moment. There are only a couple of products recently released that I really like and it isn't Artifacts!!

    I don't think it'll be long until I decide to sell off a bulk of my Gagne collection and concentrate on acquiring 'nice' cards for my display shelf in my kitchen, but maybe I am reluctant in doing this. Scared of letting go possibly?!

    I will like yourself keep back a number of cards I do enjoy showing off and just go from there I think.

    Besides, look at the number of other 'nice' cards you'll be able to obtain with the cash you get from your Carey cards!

    Good luck, Rich!

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    Who could afford it after Panini got around.

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