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    want to buy broncos or a re sell lot

    Up to 50-60 to spend lmk Wat u have and price

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    cmb and lmk if you are interested in any of the freshmen orientation.

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    $20 Dlvd for the following:

    Ronnie Hillman Momentum Preferred Picks Jumbo Jersey (single color) /99
    Ronnie Hillman Prestige Prestigious Picks Black Jersey (single color) /149
    Ronnie Hillman Draft City Destinations Auto
    Ronnie Hillman SAGE Hit Auto
    Brock Osweiler Prestige Prestigious Picks Jerseys (single color) /299
    Brock Osweiler Donruss Elite New Breed Jerseys (single color) /399
    Very Much ANTI-Blowoutcards Forums...

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    No thanks on either....hilman and osweiler just aren't high on my list only pick those up for cheap

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    here are a few more

    here is a link to my other bronco cards....let me know if your interested in any

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    Are you looking for only current Broncos? I have a bunch of duplicates I am looking to get rid of. I will get you a list later today.

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    Pm list current broncos autos jerseys and rookies

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    hey man, check out my bucket and lmk if you liked anything from my bucket. i'd use current ebay pricing as guide and possibly be a bit lower. pm works best. thanks

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