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Thread: Knicks/Nats/Big Mac

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    Knicks/Nats/Big Mac

    Had one my better days around town graphing today. Hit up the Knicks for shootaround and got Kidd on a 16 and Chandler on a Olympic Team 20x30 project. Melo signed 2-3 out of 8 so have to wait til the next time. Good thing they come back during regular season. I did manage to get a pic with a Vol all time great, Allan Houston. Afterwards, rushed over to Nats gate. 5 minutes after parking, Mcgwire arrived in a cab. He obliged the request and even signed 2 for the guy next to me. Michael Morse never comes over but did today. There was only 4 of us so he signed whatever we had and took pics with. Shortly after, Bryce pulled in. I called over to him and managed to convince him to stop. He liked my photo and signed it best possible spot with blue. He was personalizing all photos. After the last person got him, i asked him to sign a ball and he knocked it out. Shocked. Not 10 minutes later, Stras pulled in. Again, managed to call him over and didn't give him a chance to say No as i ran around to the spot and said Thank You before he could answer. He was quizzing everyone how many times we had been to the lot. Of course, everyone had only been there "once or twice". He did question some guy's photo but he couldn't speak a lick of English so Stras just starting laughing as he couldn't understand him and signed what he brought.


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    Awesome job! (and pretty sweet that McGwire signed the sweet spot)
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    Wow you killed it man! Great job!
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    Any interest in trading Strasburg, Harper ROMLB, or McGwire ROMLB?

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    for me Strasburg and Harper
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    Stras and Harper on the same day is sweet, add the rest and you are living large!! Congrats

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