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    anyone know of an ebay store that hosts your auctions for you?

    Hey all, I have some cards I'd like to sell on eBay, but no credit card number/checking account to put in. Does anyone know of an eBay stores that will host your item for you? Please let me know!

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    i am in the program hosted by ebay.. i dont believe however that i could sell the item unless it is in my possesion... pm me for any more info
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    your best bet it to have someone sell them on consignment. However, I doubt most ebayers would sell a card for you without them having it in possesion as tutall states above.

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    Not sure where you live be we have a retail store around my house that is called Cash Converters. The will take items and sell the item on e-bay for you. You might want to check around because if you don't have a Cash Converters store you might have something like that which will e-bay the item for you.


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