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    Buying best card for $10 paypal

    Looking for a rc year auto or patch or preferably patch auto!

    2010-2012 preferred and I may buy more than one.

    Looking for some trade away.

    Post a scan of what you've got..
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    Quote Originally Posted by huckler731 View Post
    These 2 for $10 Paypal?

    Triple /559
    Dual /235
    Not what I'm looking for..but I do appreciate the direct links in the thread.

    I want multi color patches or autos.


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    Have any one of these for $10 dlvd:

    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Sadly, I'm done with this hobby.

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