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    Question What's the difference between.....

    In the newest WWE set, what is the difference (in appearance) between the silver foil cards and platinum border cards?

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    The difference in appearance is that they are just a didn't variation of the base card. Some versions are hobby or retail exclusive only.

    Platinum 1/1 (Hobby)
    Base (Hobby or Retail)
    Black Border (Hobby)
    Blue Border (Hobby or Retail)
    Gold Foil (Hobby or Retail)
    Purple Foil (Retail) (Can get this variation at any store besides Target or Toys R Us)
    Silver Foil (Retail/Toys R Us Exclusive) (Can't get Purple Foil Cards at this store)
    Red Foil (Retail/Target Exclusive) (Can't get Purple Foil cards at this store)
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    Greengoblin, do you know the ratio of the border variations? Are the purple border cards common/uncommon/rare? I'm just curious if they are any more special than the regular base cards and such. Thanks

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    Im pretty sure the purple ones are 1 per retail rack pack.

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    Thanks bootan. so they are more common than I thought. The only complain I have about the 2012 set other than the fact that from 1 hobby box I completed my base set, with over 100 multiples, is that they didn't do the #s on the border variations like in last year's set. Along with BARELY any randomization in the packing...

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    thats why i didnt bother collecting any of the parallel sets this year. the black ones are supposed to only have a 50 count, but where is the proof???? I have no idea why topps decided against numbering the cards this time round.

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    So true. It may just be a number, but to me personally, seeing that card in my hand with a number on it gives a sense of accomplishment. Do you know what I mean? I just got back into collecting cards because I saw the topps 2011 wwe cards at my local wal-mart, so I bought a few packs...I would buy 2 or 3 packs everytime I would go up to wal-mart because the nearest one is like an hour away from where I live, and around the middle of October last year they stopped stocking the cards. When I asked one of the store employees why they said "because not enough people bought them" when everytime I would go there would only be 2 or 3 packs there. So I'm also trying to finish my base set from that one as well as collect all the other sets from 2012. I have some extras from 2011 if you have any to trade if you're looking for any from either year I hope I can help.

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    I really dont collect base, simply because down here in Australia, no cards are sold whatsoever. I mainly pick up inserts from ebay and forums like this. Every now and then I order a box in but I get thumped on shipping. The money I save on picking and choosing my inserts I lose on the fun of set building...........
    but you will have no problem finding people to trade with here on these forums, start a thread with your want list and you will have no dramas.
    welcome to the site.


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    This is true. I haven't seen very much talk on here about the 2011 set on here, but I haven't really searched here all that much yet either though, lol.

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    Black ones are hobby or retail as goblin said they were only hobby. And I'm only collecting the variants of wrestlers I like. And purple/silver/red border cards are 1 per rack pack but are store exclusives as goblin said. I'm collecting the variants of wrestlers I collect as the large number of parallels make for a good looking rainbow.

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