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    WTTF: ITG 1972 The Year In Hockey memorabilia

    Heya, I'm looking for these cards...
    In The Game 1972 The Year In Hockey
    Forever Linked
    FLM-01 T. Espo/Tretiak
    FLM-02 P. Espo/Yakushev
    FLM-03 Hull/Cheevers
    FLM-05 Clarke/Kharmalov

    these cards look like this:

    71/72 First Team All Stars
    FATA-01 T. Espo B Orr B Park P Espo R Gilbert B Hull
    FATA-02 T Esposito
    FATA-05 P Esposito
    FATA-07 B Hull

    71/72 Second Team All Stars
    SATA-07 Hadfield

    72/73 First Team All Stars
    FATB-01 Dryden Orr Lapointe P.Espo Redmond F. Mahovolich
    FATB-02 Dryden
    FATB-03 Orr
    FATB-05 P. Espo
    FATB-07 F. Mahovolich

    72/73 Second Team All Stars
    SATB-05 Clarke
    SATB-06 Cournoyer
    SATB-07 D, Hull

    these cards look like this:

    71/72 Trophy Winners
    TWA-02 Orr
    TWA-03 Orr
    TWA-04 Orr
    TWA-05 Ratelle
    TWA-06 T. Esposito

    72/73 Trophy Winners
    TWB-01 P. Esposito
    TWB-02 Cournoyer
    TWB-03 Clarke
    TWB-04 Orr
    TWB-06 Dryden
    these cards look like this:

    71/72 Scoring Leaders
    SLA-02 P. Esposito
    SLA-03 Orr
    SLA-04 Ratelle
    SLA-05 Hadfield
    SLA-07 F. Mahovlich
    SLA-08 B. Hull
    SLA-10 Bucyk
    SLA-11 Clarke

    72/73 Scoring Leaders
    SLB-02 P. Esposito
    SLB-03 Clarke
    SLB-04 Orr
    SLB-05 McCleish
    SLB-06 Lemaire
    SLB-07 Ratelle
    these cards look like this:

    71/72 Quest For The Cup
    QCA-01 P. Espo/Keon
    QCA-02 Worsley/Picard
    QCA-03 White/Horton
    QCA-04 Ratelle/Maovolich
    QCA-06 Hull/Gilbert

    72/73 Quest For The Cup
    QCB-01 H. Richard/Perreault
    QCB-03 Hull/Unger
    QCB-05 Lafleur/Barber
    QCB-06 Mikita/Hadfield
    QCB-07 Dryden/T. Esposito
    these cards look like this:

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    Hey there,

    I have this guy:
    71/72 Trophy Winners
    TWA-06 T. Esposito

    And I also checked your wantlist. I have the following autos:
    A-BMI Boris Mikhailov
    A-DA2 Don Awrey Summit Series
    A-DHE Dennis Hextall
    A-EJ Eddie Johnston
    A-GDO Gary Dornhoefer
    A-JMC Jim McKenny
    A-JS Jim Schoenfeld
    A-NL Nick Libett
    A-PP Poul Popiel
    A-RBE2 Red Berenson Summit Series
    A-SW Stan Weir

    I don't know if you still need/want them or not, but I also have quite a few inserts and bank backs.

    If you are interested in the above, please check out my wantlist as well. I'm always looking for Vezina stuff, even low end. Drop me a PM if you want to work out a deal.


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    PM sent, thanks.

    Also, my insert needs:
    Masked Men MM-01, MM-06,MM-07, MM-09
    Coaches C7
    Forever Linked FL-04

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