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    Looking For these Cody Rhodes Cards

    Im looking for these Cody Rhodes cards would love to pick up some 1/1's but most people want waaaaay to much on them so Im starting out filling in other Rhodes PC needs

    2008 Topps Heritage 4 mat relic Cena vs Rhodes
    2010 Topps Platinum Triple Relic Rhodes/Bourne/MVP /99
    2010 Topps Superstar Swatches Gold /99
    2011 Topps Masters of the Mat Relic gold/50
    2012 Topps Shirt Relic Black Border
    2012 Topps Wrestlemania Mat Relic
    2012 Topps Wrestlemania Mat Relic Black Border

    2010 Topps Dual Auto Ted Dibease/Cody Rhodes gold /25

    Non Cody Stuff

    2012 Alicia Fox (base inserts)
    Divas Class 2012 auto

    2010 Topps Blue need alot shoot me a list
    2010 Topps base set need

    2010 Platinum needs

    Platinum Performances

    Legendary Superstars

    2012 Topps
    Punks Picks
    World Class Events
    Divas Class of 2012
    1st Class Champions
    Hall of Famers
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    Dude a Cody Rhodes plate went off earlier today for a decent price, hope it was you who got it. If I saw it earlier I would've given you a heads up.

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    Yup thats me i got real lucky on snaggin that one
    Last two 1/1s i went after were being sold for 200 plus
    I passed on those cause thats way over priced

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    If you want to make an offer on my WWE Topps 2011 Cody Rhodes Masters of the Mat Red 1/1 relic you can. It currently is set on eBay with a reserve that I could end early.
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    yea thats me I thought I'd take a stab at it but I believe the asking price is gonna be a little to high for my taste though thanks for the reply

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    Are you looking to trade or buy? I have 2012 inserts you need, and 2012 shirt relic if interested.

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