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    This is a stick up.....give me all your Bears cards....and walk away

    Korny, yeah I know, but how else will I get your bears cards from you, check my list, specifically looking for rookies, vintage, urlacher and benson autos, any current players inserts

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    i can get you a Topps Benson Rookie and an Kyle Orton Topps draft pick and prospects rookie LMK

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    I'm interested, but would prefer atleast a $10 trade, not interested in the Orton though

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    i got a bunch of curtis enis rookies if u want. for sale

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    i also have 2 thomas jones rookies one topps gold label one Sky Box as well as a dez white rookie and a marty booker bears #d to499

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    sorry for the confusion, that was in response to the enis cards, sorry Football Cards, no disrespect, just joking around, I would be interested in the Jones cards but not the others, what is bv??

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