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Thread: Song of the South DVD???

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    Song of the South DVD???

    When I was younger my parents took me to the theater to watch a re-release of Disney's Song of the South. I liked it so much they bought me a record - yes, I am that old - with all of the songs from the movie. I understand that it is considered racist by some but it is a really good movie and compared to the smut and racist stuff (listen to any rap song) out today I have a hard time understanding why I can't find a copy of this movie anywhere. Does anyone know if it exists?


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    It was never released in the U.S. You can sometimes find it on eBay but usually from another country or a bootleg.

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    Thanks guys. Just thought I could recreate a childhood memory of a fun movie. Who would have figured there is only bootlegs or foreign versions!

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    If you want to go oldschool there is a laserdisc version.I got one at an auction about 2 years ago and resold it but they are out there.

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    it was released in Japan & europe on vhs & is the us & japan on lazer disc. thay can be found on ebay and the japan lazer has japan subtitles on the buttom

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    Thanks to everyone for the responses. I greatly appreciate the feedback and assistance. I am hoping to share with my daughter the magical world of Disney! That is the last cartoon or animated movie I need to get her to complete the collection.

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