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    I totally understand why some collectors view there cards as "gold" especially when they purchased the box that the particular card came out of. I mean when memorabilia cards were first introduced it was a revolution for the card industry and card collecting scene. It was essentially like finding a "golden ticket". Now its like finding a dollar off coupon on the back of your grocery receipt. Also when you purchase a product for 125.00 dollars and get two single colored jersey cards, an Autograph (which could be of anyone from a 1st rounder to an undraft) and then a prime patch (which good be a single color to maybe, just maybe a 2 color) you tend to want to charge a little more than most want. And I mean come on why not. They just paid 125 dollars for 100 base cards, that most likely wont sell for .10 a piece, and now there expected to sell there jersey cards they pulled for 1-6 dollars shipped. Its hard to swallow.

    I understand its not about the money in this hobby as a collector but, like everything else in the world, Card Production is About money. So someone somewhere along the line has to purchase the product and then someone somewhere along the line has to create the product and all that requires money.

    So I tend not to get angry at the seller who may be asking to much, I get angry at the card companies for flooding the market and over pricing the products.

    And Book Values are HUGELY beneficial to card companies because they can justify the high prices with the so called BV prices that are not an accurate assessment on Card Values.
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    I agree, this site is really dead as of late. I've been on Blowout more lately than here, the B/S/T forum is much more active there. I like the Trade Manager function here better, though, but harder to do deals here.

    I agree with a lot of what everyone has said, but nothing is going to change. Everyone laments the fact that there are too many products and the market is flooded, but as long as people keep buying the numerous offerings made available, the card companies will continue to produce them. For example, Panini payed huge money for their NFL license. I believe the number of Football sets they are releasing this year is 17 or 18. They are a business and they are attempting to create as much revenue from their capital expenditure as possible. If we would rather the product continuum were diminished, then we need to vote with our wallets and not purchase each new release, one after the other, like lemmings. We criticize them for not making anything new and re-hashing the same old designs, yadda, yadda, yadda. But in the end, these same people are buying a box and supporting the very beast they then turn around and complain about!

    The only way to win is not to play! If they are not able to sell enough product, they will change their production to fit the consumers appetite. I buy one product a year. That's it. No matter how many enticing things I see come down the pike, I stick to my guns and buy my one product.

    If you are a pure hobbyiest, these things don't matter because they will self-correct and it won't make a difference. If you are in it for the money only, then the market will self-select these people out do to the inevitable boom-bust cycle that is re-occuring as we speak (we're on the "bust" side...).

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    I think what started killing it for me was the whole " Even if you just want a base card I need an auto or 3 color Gu for it" Attitude alot of folks have now. My last trade attempt I wanted 3 cards bv total $10 sv a lot less. Guy went through my bucket and the only thing he could find was a $25 auto. I tried to offer something a little closer to the value but nothing was "worth" it to him.
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    The same stuff killed the hobby for me.. Jersey cards arent even game worn so why bother, base cards are of the same players in every set so why bother, and as for getting value out of a sports hobby box it isnt going to happen so again why bother. Chalk that up with the fact that it takes quite a few boxes to possibly pull 1 single non base PC card (I only collect seahawks) and with trading on these pages down you can't trade the non pc cards you pulled for PC cards so why bother. If you wanna buy boxes just buy non sports..better value and a much higher chance of pulling pc cards.
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    The problem lies inherently with the card companies and us as buyers. I would have to say Panini has flooded the market with too many products. There are single color jerseys of every player under the sun that you cannot sell for a $1. Why would I want to buy a box for $100 and continuously pull a Joe Adams single color jersey that is worth 2 bucks. Then, you might get an Auto of a defensive player worth 5 bucks. Also, don't forget the base cards which are not worth anything. I really like topps chrome this year but, once again we have around 10 different parallels of the same card. To me, the hobby was the best in 01-03. Football products were awesome and not flooded. Spx would make a rookie & a spectrum. Finest would make a rookie and a gold. Sp Authentic would make a rookie & a gold. The amount of inserts, parallels, and jerseys is over the top. Scale back on sets charge less and let's get back to a more enjoyable hobby

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    Has to be the economy I believe,same old products being produced and also maybe because Upper Deck doesn't have the licensing anymore a lot of people stopped buying because that .was their main brand they would buy. I personally stopped all year until Topps Chrome came out because I just love the product itself. I like focusing on certain rookies and completing rainbow sets. So I can say I put all my money and effort into this product only compared to buying all year and keeping up with each product. I believe if UD gets its licensing back that we will see a major increase in traffic on here. If we can notice how the hobby has slowed down iam pretty sure the companies are noticing aswell. Who knows maybe someone that works for the company is reading our posts on here and taking notes to make it better.

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    Upper Deck has provided a road map for other companies that should be followed. They have released 2 products. Upper Deck and Spx. There cards are nice and not all over the market. They are in the college uniform but, still awesome. They are set to release 2 or 3 more products so 5 max would be a nice selection. If we had 15-17 products total instead of 15-17 from one company the hobby would be better.

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    Yeah that's a real good idea,let's say Topps,Panini and UD each came out with 6 products a year. That's 18 products that seem manageable. Some low end and some high end. Add stuff to packs like redemptions for autograph mini helmets,memorabilia etc..instead of extra hits that flood the industry. Man that would be something else. Trading cards and memorabilia. That would be sweet!! Anywho,I really do miss Spx and Sp Authentic when they would come out. I believe UD might save the industry if they can get a contract with NFL

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    i wonder what the companies are gonna do in the next 5 years. eventually they will put out product and half of it wont even sell. they'll lose on them. thats what im waiting for. i bet the hobby today will be viewed like the steroid era in baseball hall of fame. there will be an asteric in the books about values of low numbered items since it got mass produced and out of hand. they keep trying to come up with new ways to keep people interested in the hobby to keep it going as it has been and its starting to die out. i have to say panini and topps are the worse. they need to cut their production by 1/3 to possibly 1/2 of what it currently is. even if they do what will they do next thats "new" or "different"? they'll have to revert back to lower number products and higher quality per product and face making less profit if they want to keep going. there's just so much out now the hobby is going to colapse under its own weight.

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    This is what I said earlier and I still agree and put 100% of the blame on this.

    Quote Originally Posted by eliteco3 View Post
    Upper Deck has provided a road map for other companies that should be followed. They have released 2 products. Upper Deck and Spx. There cards are nice and not all over the market. They are in the college uniform but, still awesome. They are set to release 2 or 3 more products so 5 max would be a nice selection. If we had 15-17 products total instead of 15-17 from one company the hobby would be better.
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