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    The companies probably don't even think about the product not selling. They have agreements with the distributors that they HAVE to purchase every product correct? Because of that, they are working outside the framework of true capitalism. If the local card shops and other buyers could choose to buy only certain cases, then you wouldn't see such a glut of card sets coming out in my opinion. Of course, eventually, when the stuff sits on the shelves collecting dust, the people might quit dealing with Topps altogether.

    I don't have a problem with anyone asking whatever they think is fair for their cards. I don't want to have to pick something else out of your list of cards if you don't want to trade the one I want, I will keep it moving until I find someone that will have something I want in a reasonable price range to what I have. Never have understood the problem with people asking too much. If no one pays them what they are asking, the price will come down eventually if they want to sell. If they do get paid that much by someone, then that is now how much the card is worth.

    Speaking of blowoutcards, how long does it take to get approved for the forum over there? I have been in the waiting list for a week or more.

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    Well the older people are dying off and there really is no younger crowd to continue the hobby. The introduction of high-end sets basically ruined the hobby for future generations. I remember when I was a kid you could go to the shop and buy a pack of cards and have a chance to pull the most desirable cards of that year. Once the companies started producing $100+ packs that were the only way to obtain the most sought after and desirable cards each year they ruined the hobby for most kids. Sure there are still a ton of products they can afford but when the best you can pull is an auto of a top player that won't even be one of his top 25 cards that year then why woud they be happy about that.
    The companies have to get rid of the high-end products and make the hobby an equal playing field when it comes to pulling the best cards of the year. They also need to stop putting autos in every box. Back in the day pulling an auto would be an exciting and thrilling thing, now its barely a thrill to get a top rookie auto and if you don't get an auto people are upset.

    You wnat to bring the youth back into the hobby get rid off all these 100 card base, guarateed auto and mem in each box sets. Go back to the basics. Each company get 2 sets. One being their low-end 500+ base set and the other being thier more premium, but max of $20 a pack sets. Topps would have Topps and Topps Chrome. They could make autos 1 in every 100 packs and SP the rookies to bring back the value to base rookie cards. Upper Deck would get their license back and have Upper Deck as their big bae set and then SP Authentic. And just get rid of Panini because they are they are a shining example of all that has ruined this hobby with their sets that all look alike and use of sticker autos on anything and everything they can stick them on.

    Not that this will ever happen because high-end sets make too much money and the current upper-tier collectors would be upset that they would have the same odds of pulling a thousand dollar card as a kid or joe collector but this is what would have to happen to get me back to buying modern cards and get me to even consider recommending this hobby to a kid.

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    I just think buying a high end box hoping for that one big hit has soured a lot of people when it does not pan out. Then they struggle and get frustated to sell off the cards to hope to just break even. Plus collecting just for "what this card is worth" with no personal connection to that player/team has got to get old after a while. Last year it was Newton, this year it's Luck/RG3, next year it's ?.

    It's an easy trap going after "the hot cards", instead of players/teams you get satisfaction owning because your a fan. The other way would leave me feeling empty. Sure a lot of my Steelers cards have value, but that's just icing on the cake. I could care less about owning a RG3 or Luck because I don't have any personal "fire" to collect them. I would sell them for Steelers
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    Steel75, although I loathe the Steelers you are what makes the hobby great. The collectors like you that stick with a team and not the latest fad. Michael Vick is one of my favorite players of all time. I think he has brought a new element to the game whether you love him or hate him. His cards were once the hottest thing on earth. They have had there ups and downs but to me some of his coolest cards are the rookies that are not worth a lot of money. For example, his Topps and Upper Deck Rookies can be had for a few bucks and are awesome cards. The whole hit thing with every box and all of the Autos and parallels has exhausted the market. All anyone cares about is pulling the next best thing. Base Rookies mean nothing to most people. My first pack of cards was in 1990 when I was 6. My parents bought me some 1990 donruss baseball. The red cards. This was a much simpler time and trying to pull Ken Griffey Jr. was such a joy.

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    Great thread, and everyone is correct!

    I'm one of those guys with a ton of commons and inserts. What are you looking for? They are taking up too much space in my closet!

    Quote Originally Posted by BrewCrew06 View Post
    I'm in a rut with buying. Seems all anyone wants to sell is high end items, when I'm looking to buy inserts and such for my PC. I know people have boxes and boxes of base and inserts, but it's like nobody wants to take the time to sell those because they don't bring in the money.

    I'm even finding on ebay that there are a lot of higher end cards, or even lower end autos and game used that have high price tags on them.

    Like mentioned in a previous post; same product designs, flooded market, and too many issues with companies is causing people to back off it seems like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giantfan270 View Post
    Great thread, and everyone is correct!

    I'm one of those guys with a ton of commons and inserts. What are you looking for? They are taking up too much space in my closet!
    Always looking for commons and inserts of my Pc players. The players I collect are here:
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    Hidden Content Hidden Content IF YOU SMOKE PLEASE TELL ME Before Trading!!
    My Chris Henry by the numbers Items: 811 OWN: 423 52.2% MEM: 307 OWN: 152 49.5% AUTO: 395 OWN: 175 44.3% Ser #'d: 711 OWN: 343 48.2% RC: 38 OWN: 37 97.4% I TRADE BY BV. Hidden Content

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