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    Lightbulb Totally strange Question about Card shows

    I have only been to one or two card shows but recently I have been buying a lot on youtube and sellers do what are called mystery packs ... do people ever do these at card shows ? I am thinking about getting my feet wet in one and think I could have a lot of fun with it ~ here is my thought

    I would post pictures of the main hits in each pack so people can see what they could get , and each pack would for sure offer one hit off the picture list ... of course there is a chance to get some " chasers " and a chance to hit a bust ( for instance if the packs sell for 50 , some packs would have the main hit as a 20 dollar card while some would have a 175 + )

    kinda looking for advice on this , if anyone has ever seen it done ~ or no ` ~ Thanks

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    You may want to check the rules, not sure those are allowed on here.

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    No , not here , at an upcoming show ~ Curious if people think they would be successful

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    Some shows do not allowed them btw.

    But if the show you do does it would probably be best to set up before and build up a reputation as a good seller before doing something like this. You might get people buying but you would have more if they knew you and trusted you beforehand.
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    Thanks .... any other input is gladly accepted

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    I've seen them at shows before as grab bags.

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    I would check with the show promoter first before doing it just to make sure it's allowed. IT may be a form of gambling, but I have seen shows where people spin a wheel and get the prize shown where the arrow stops, again anotehr form of gambling. May depend on the promoter or the state the show is being held in.


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    Sounds more like a grab bag or a raffle than gambling,considering your getting something in return other than a cash prize.Also a great idea that you would post pics of what the buyer could pull and what ever it was could be identified on the spot.But yes as the other posters suggested it never hurts to ask.

    What would you package them in?

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    i dont like the idea of them tbh, kind of a rip off
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