I will list a few guys I am looking for but I am also looking for anything that catches my eye...Chester Taylor (dunno why, but...) Andre Reed, Hines Ward, Cris Carter, The 2005 HOF class, and of course the Big Stars that everyone else wants.


Bailey, Champ 03 UD Game JSY
Bruce, Isaac 03 SP Game Used Edition JSY
Burress, Plaxico 02 BoxScore Yard Markers JSY
Canidate, Trung 00 Black Diamond JSY
Carter, Tim 02 Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
Chambers, Chris 02 UD KickOff Classics JSY
Colbert, Keary 04 Sweet Swatches JSY
Colbert, Keary 04 Platinum Pro-Materials JSY
Collins, Kerry 03 Sweet Spot JSY
Culpepper, Daunte 03 SP Authentic Single Threads JSY
Culpepper, Daunte 04 SkyBox L.E. JSY
Cumbie, Sonny 05 DP/P Senior Standouts JSY
Davis, Andre 05 Kickoff Jerseys JSY
Davis, Domanick 04 SkyBox L.E.gends of the Draft JSY
Dillon, Corey 02 UD First Team Fabrics JSY
Dawkins, Brian 05 Swatch Supremacy JSY
Edwards, Braylon 05 UD Rookie Futures JSY HTG
Edwards, Braylon 05 Throwback Materials JSY HTG
Edwards, Troy 00 Leather and Laces BALL
Evans, Lee 04 Bowmans Best Rookie Card JSY
Farmer, Danny 00 Black Diamond JSY
Fason, Ciatrick 05 Certified Freshman Fabric JSY
Garcia, Jeff 02 Premium All-Pro Team JSY
George, Eddie 03 Sweet Spot JSY
Glenn, Terry 01 SP Game Used Edition JSY
Gore, Frank 05 Saturday Swatches Limited JSY
Gore, Frank 05 NFL Rookie JST Collection JSY
Holmes, Priest 03 Titanium JSY
Jackson, Steven 05 Swatch Supremacy JSY
Jackson, Steven 04 Finite HG Rookie Fabrics JSY
Jenkins, Michael 04 UD Future NFL Legends JSY
Johnson, Andre 03 Sweet Spot Rookie Gallery JSY
Johnson, Andre 03 Upper Deck Rookie Futures JSY
Johnson, Bryant 03 Certified Materials JSY
Johnson, Rudi 04 Pristine Fantasy Fabrics JSY
Jones, Adam "Pac-Man" NFL Rookie JSY Collection JSY
Jones, Brandon 05 DP/P Senior Standouts JSY
Jones, Kevin 04 Leaf R&S's JSY
Jones, Matt 05 Donruss Dress Code JSY
Jordan, LaMont 02 Adrenaline JSY
Kennison, Eddie 01 Atomic Game JSY
Lelie, Ashley 02 Certified Freshman Fabric JSY
Lelie, Ashley 02 UD Bound for Glory JSY
Lewis, Chad 05 Throw Back Threads BALL
Lewis, Damione 01 PO Preferred Rookie Materials BALL
Lewis, Ray 03 Flair Canton Calling JSY
Losman, J.P. 05 Pristine Pieces JSY
McAllister, Deuce 03 Authentix Replica Game Ticket JSY
McAllister, Deuce 04 Hot Materials JSY
McCants, Darnerian 03 Deans List JSY
McCown, Josh 02 Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
McNabb, Donovan 04 Pro-Cut Materials JSY
McNabb, Donovan 03 Finite JSY
McNair, Steve 02 Air to the Throne JSY
Minor, Travis 01 Freshman Orientation JSY
Moore, Mewelde 04 Bowman Best Rookie Card JSY
Morgan, Quincy 02 UD Uniforms JSY
Morris, Maurice 02 SP Authentic Threads JSY
Moss, Randy 05 UD Game JSY
Moss, Randy 03 SP Game Used SP Field Fabrics JSY
Orton, Kyle 05 Hit JSY
Owens, Terrell 01 SP Game Used JSY
Owens, Terrell 02 Hot Materials JSY
Perry, Chris 04 R&S's Freshman Orientation JSY
Ragone, Dave 03 Deans List JSY
Robertson, DeWayne 03 Rookies and Stars JSY
Robinson, Dunta 04 Honors Rookie Gems JSY
Robinson, Dunta 04 R&S's Rookie JSY
Rolle, Antrel 05 Throwback Materials JSY
Scalley, Morgan 05 DP/P Senior Standouts JSY
Shipp, Marcel 04 Gridiron Heritage JSY
Simon, Corey 00 Black Diamond JSY
Smith, Jimmy 02 Topps Reserve JSY
Smith, Jimmy 02 Private Stock JSY
Smith, Jimmy 01 Game Time Uniformity JSY
Smith, Jimmy 01 Game Time Uniformity JSY
Stokes, J.J. 01 SP Game Used JSY
Taylor, Fred 02 Topps Reserve JSY
Taylor, Fred 01 Goal Line Gear HAT
Thomas, Anthony 03 Pristine Performance JSY
Thomas, Anthony 02 Fleer Premium Prem-Team JSY
Warrick, Peter 01 Ovation Training Gear JSY
Washington, Kelley 03 Certified Freshman Fabric JSY
Washington, Kelley 03 Rookie Gems JSY
Wayne, Reggie 03 Deans List JSY
White, Roddy 05 Absolute Memorabilia JSY
Williams, Aeneas 04 Bazooka All-Stars JSY
Williams, Reggie 04 Freshman Oriantation JSY
Williams, Reggie 04 Freshman Oriantation Class Officers JSY
Williams, Roy 04 Sweet Swatches JSY
Woods, Rashaun 04 Finite Rookie Fabrics JSY


Anderson, Derek 05 Bowmans Best AUTO
Batch, Charlie 02 PO Preferred Signatures AUTO
Brown, Chris 03 HIT AUTO
Davis, Thomas 05 UD Rookie Foundations AUTO
Dawkins, Sean 99 SP Signature Edition (blue auto)
Dunbar, LaTarence 03 SP Rookie Authentics (blue auto)
Farmer, Danny 00 Donruss Private Signings (black auto)
Guidugli, Gino 05 Bomans Best AUTO
Jackson, Marlin 05 PressPass AUTO
Lewis, Jamal 00 Fleer Autographics AUTO VHTG
McDonald, Darnell 99 ProSignatures (black auto)
McPherson, Adrian 05 Bowman Signs of the Future AUTO
Smith, Antowain 97 Pro Line Memorabilia (blue auto)
Soward, R.Jay 00 Fleer Autographics (black auto)


PO Honors Rookie Tandems
2004 Michael Clayton & Keary Colbert

(I will ONLY trade HOF cards for other HOF'ers)

Allen, Marcus 01 Scoring Kings JSY
Houston, Kenny 99 SI Greats of the Game AUTO