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    Post Cereal bringing back hockey cards

    Post Cereal has a long history of making trading cards, especially in hockey.

    The food company is bringing cards back to the sport, becoming an official partner with the Canadian Hockey League, the league announced Monday.

    “Teaming up with the WHL, OHL and QMJHL is an important part of Shreddies commitment to our communities. Shreddies families are passionate about their CHL hockey teams and so are we. We are looking forward to an exciting season next year,” Margaret Hastings, Post Foods said.

    Specially marked Post boxes in Canada will have CHL Collector Hockey cards on them.
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    YES! This is better than that 9 mini Crosby Dempster's bread cards (wasn't such a fan of those). And McDonald's did those cards in Mtl but nowhere else so nice to see someone doing these.

    Can someone tell me some "Post" cereal which doesn't have too much sugar lol?

    Excited because this is the first retail item to include proper hockey cards since I started collecting beginning of last season.

    Also slightly OT but does anyone know if the Mississauga Steelheads have any plans to create a team set of cards like they did last season?

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    Very cool. Should be fun and healthy!
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    1: I think it's good news.
    2: Those pop ups from 81-82 stars in action were amazing. This news made me rethink about completing that set. Is anyone out there have some for trade?
    3: Who can forget theses 82-83 post cereals little players? The number of kitchen tables games I played with theses ones are incredible.
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    cards are all CHL goalies......i think the actually boxes may be more collectible then the cards them self look really nice
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    29 goalies from chl teams. Boxes come out oct 26 I believe. There is a commercial on sports nets Friday night chl games.

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    Shreddies is one of the lower sugar cereals they make.

    cheers mike
    hi all

    Looking for auto's of retired players first and their rookie cards.All other auto's I don't have come after that.Also collect the YG's from each year.

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    Anyone pick some up and which flavours did they come in?

    I'm gonna be eating a lot of cereal over the next couple months lol. At least twice a day and gonna try to do a full rather than half bowl. Wish Post made corn flakes....they're the perfect in-between to the super sugary stuff and the healthy but yucky bran/wheat stuff.

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    Here's the checklist, dammit, no Spencer Martin from Mississauga. If anyone knows who the best ones are then let me know, I only recognize the OHL ones plus Subban and Makarov



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