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    Need some info on these UFC auto cards/set.

    I'm collecting the 2010 UFC Knockoutt - Full Contact Autograph Cards - Serial #/99 Set. I currently have 14 of these and only need a couple more to complete. I looked for a checklist online and found this.....

    FC-AN Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
    FC-ARN Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    FC-AS Anderson Silva
    FC-CG Clay Guida <<<
    FC-DH Dan Hardy<<<
    FC-DM Dan Miller<<<
    FC-FG Forrest Griffin<<<
    FC-GSP Georges St-Pierre<<<
    FC-JM Jim Miller<<<
    FC-KF Kenny Florian<<<
    FC-LM Lyoto Machida<<<
    FC-MC Mark Coleman<<<
    FC-MS Matt Serra<<<
    FC-RB Ryan Bader<<<
    FC-RC Randy Couture
    FC-RF Rich Franklin<<<
    FC-RG Royce Gracie
    FC-SC Shane Carwin<<<
    FC-WS Wanderlei Silva<<<
    FC-JDS Junior dos Santos

    The ones with the arrows are the one I have and still need the rest. Ive seen Couture and
    Gracie around, but not the Anderson, Either Nog, or Jds. Are these redemptions or were they never produced. Any help is appreciated. Also if ya have the Couture and Gracie autos lmk, Thanks.

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    I don't think the big nog was made. I had mine replaced.

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    Thanks for the info man, still looking for the autos I need

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    I have the Gracie and Couture.

    The JDS was not made.

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    I had JDS, Nog and silva replaced...I don't think they were made.

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    Thanks for the info. So I really only need the Couture and Gracie then.

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