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Thread: Super Pack (idea)

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    Super Pack (idea)

    Ive been collecting 05 UD Rookie Debut football and they have a feature called Rookie Hot Packs. It gave me the idea of a Super Pack. The card companies should start putting super packs in some of their sets. The super pack would have odds like 1:100 cases or whatever is realistic. In the super pack would be: an autograph, a game-used, a parallel #'d to 5, a "hot" rookie, and another misc special insert depending on the set. These cards would not count towards the garauntee'd autos and stuff that should be in the box. Also, they could have a Rookie Super Pack where all the cards would be of rookies, and the odds would be lower.

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    Actually debut features a pack of all autographs. I dont know how much more scarce you want to get.


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    Wow, I didnt know that. I did get a pack full of Limited Saturday Patches. I wish i had a beckett, even though i didnt get anyone good. I just think it would be cool if more sets did this.

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    Upper Deck beat you to it man....they call it Exquisite or Ultimate Collection.

    For those that haven't tried it, they are a rush to open, but so very disappointing when you your best card in a $300+ pack is a Shawn Marion auto patch.

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