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    My 6 HOF Kraft Promotion Autographed/Worn Jerseys~ PSA/DNA results finally

    Here is a summary of the back story on these jerseys. Kraft did a NFL's greatest QB's and their receivers promotion back in the mid to late 90's. They had a photo shoot of the players wearing custom made embroidered jerseys with Kraft logos sewn on and the shots were featured in various media including newspapers and magazines. That brings us to early 2000's when I was buying collections and memorabilia and came across the opportunity to purchase 6 of the 8 jerseys that were featured. Sponsored by Haaseline Entertainment and Weston Sports, they teamed with Mounted Memories and had the jerseys autographed. The players in the promotion were as follows: Johnny Unitas/Raymond Berry, Joe Montana/Jerry Rice, Dan Marino/Mark Clayton, and John Elway/Ed McCaffrey. I purchased the only 6 jerseys that were made available as according to the rep from Haaseline Ed McCaffrey and Mark Clayton opted to keep their jerseys.

    After receiving the jerseys and the COA's and photo of the shoot that were provided, I posted the pics on the Beckett site many years ago while it was still free to be on there. I asked for opinions on what to do with the jerseys and the best way to sell them should I decide to keep or sell later on. Many people said the same thing, to send in to PSA/DNA to have the autographs authenticated for sure and then some said to sell them together and others said I would have to sell separately to maximize sales on the unique jerseys. Well, about 5 months ago I decided to go ahead and pay the money to have them authenticated since I do not have the room to display them in my new house currently so that brings us to this last week when they arrived and all of them came back as certified authentic signatures. Obviously, they could not determine if they were in fact the exact jerseys worn in the photo shoot but it definitely helps back up the story and being that they look exactly like the jerseys shown in the shoot, I have no reason not to believe that is the case.

    Here are just a few of the pics and I have added a bunch more to my bucket for those that want to take a look. I now must decide whether to keep or sell and how to go about selling them if I go that route.

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    Cool collection. Now is a HORRIBLE time to sell an item like that. Patience will only increase value. I would keep them until sports memorabilia goes crazy again.

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    They look fantastic mate. Would sell individually to maximise your profit in my opinion. When the time is right though of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by rishgoon View Post
    They look fantastic mate. Would sell individually to maximise your profit in my opinion. When the time is right though of course
    Thanks for the posts fellas and yes, unfortunately I would probably have to sell them individually to get the most out of them. Would bother me more if it was the full 8 jersey set, instead of 6 but still thought about listing them with a Best Offer option and just see what kind of interest is out there on them but we will see.

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    Extremely unique........that's a very cool set of jerseys

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    I wouldnt sell them at all, regardless of whatever story you give, you will not get your moneys worth

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